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My personal health care

Updated on March 23, 2010
Jane and Leah
Jane and Leah
Me Jane ans Camden
Me Jane ans Camden

Now that Health Care is the law of the land,My Kidney is feeling much better. Did you people ever see Soil Green with our famous Charlton Heston, get in line for the body parts.

As it is the predicament I find myself in isn't so bad as long as I have Jane by my side. Its hard for those that haven't been married or married several times but we are a team and right now she is the leader.

I never expected that the morning I first saw Jane coming to work that I would actually marry her even though I said I would. We meet lots of people along the way in our travels in life but usually we only have one chance with our sole mate.

Jane sure has put up with a lot shit from me over the years, the group I used to hang around with was pretty rough. I did drink a little back then and occasionally I lost a bout at the bar room. How we ever got together I'm not sure but I'm sure about one thing without Jane I probably wouldn't be here today.

We have had many fun filled days though, vacations in the Keys eating fresh  lobster and eggs for breakfast , swimming in shark infested waters however, was not her cup of tea. I didn't realize she could swim so fast when we came face to face with a giant shark shaking his head side to side with my lobster in his mouth.If you could have seen us both walking on top of the water trying to get back to our boat. Shooting wild hogs at River Ranch acres was fun until she had to make an emergency run to a hospital to get a broad tip out of one of my friends hand . One time she slept between me and a non hunting friend in the middle of a swamp up in Lake city,Fl in 20 degree night. We survived but I think that was the last time Jane ever darkened my tent. Jane did like to go fishing with me from time to time and as usual she never complained, the last time she was in the boat she wasn't feeling well. we were about 10 miles due west of Tarpon Springs " is there supposed to be water back here". Well as you could guess the plug had come out and we were taking on water, with six foot seas I tried to explain to her that when we got just a little deeper it would smooth out. We sure have some fun together I guess that's why we go on separate adventures now.

There were some times when we did have fun though about five years we drove to Duluth,Mn and as luck would have we were just inside of Wisconsin in a little town called Janesville,when a tornado hit us ,Hugh chunks of truck tires hit the front of Jane's new car. She just looked at me and pulled into the first motel I could find. We ended up have a lot of fun up there fishing and we got to see my step mother in Fergus falls, Mn for a while. Just one little mishap a small tornado hit the motel room we were staying for two nights in a row. Again I got a look so we headed back to Duluth for some very much needed rest.

Well every thing has been pretty good for me and Jane, we have two grand boys now, and a new son in law now. The only thing in recent history that hasn't worked out to good has been my Kidney decease. I though I would have a transplant and be back at work by now. What I'm finding out is that I'm not that damn important in the skeem of things.

It's Jane that has been my rock during this whole ordeal. Jane is very private person not like me I will stand tall and talk to a telephone pole for an hour just to have something to do. This is what makes a marriage, just having enough difference between the two of you that every thing clicks. Now my wife ain't no saint but you know she's as close as you would find here on earth.When I get frustrated with things and want to give up she'll kick me square in the ass and remind me of my obligations here you ain't going nowhere.

let me bring you back into reality, I have a little junk scattered around our little place, old cars, etc, etc, etc. About every month or two she starts in on me to clean it up, do you have any idea how much money this crap is worth, "great lets sell it." I can't win sometimes, I do everything for us my collections of junk my many extra jobs. Now there's my gun shows, I go to gun shows just for her why else would I want to sell any of my stuff.

Well if you don't see through me yet than there's no hope for you, I love my wife even though we are a lot different we help each other when need be. Lovey Dovey stuff is for young people they don't know how to make that silk purse out of the extra stuff most people through away.

You know, I'm sure I will have some people disagree with me about this, but we will be married 29 years this July, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

One last thing to my sister in law and her family in Alaska, Nancy I hope the best for you I know your sister look up to you and your bravory, heading north to Alaska with two kids a pick up truck pulling a trailer for five thousand miles.. That takes guts kid, that's what you have and thats what it takes.


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