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Natural Organic Baby Products : Why We Should Use Organic Baby Products

Updated on January 31, 2015

Natural and Organic Baby Products

We have heard it a long time ago and it is becoming more popular ---- the use of natural and organic baby products to safekeep the baby's skin, scalp and hair. The concern for the degradation of the environment is gaining importance after the "global warming phenomenon" has been discovered and exposed, thus the emergence of using environmentally friendly personal products.

Natural organic baby products was borne by the concerns for this one plus the overall health of babies. It is like shooting two birds in one time -- taking care of environment and safekeeping health of our babies.

Preventing damaging chemicals from further destroying baby's soft and beautiful skin is paramount concern of every parent. Even adults are into organic products as well these days for the same reasons. It is best if we start to take care of our body even when we are still a baby so that we can grow up with the habit of it as it is really beneficial to us in the short and long run.

Organic baby skin and hair products that can be found in the market.

  • Baby shampoos
  • Baby body wash
  • Baby shampoo cum baby body wash
  • Baby lotion
  • Baby powder

Natural and organic baby product -- organic baby shampoo and body wash

Organic Baby Shampoo and Body Wash by Organic Blessings (photo is credited to
Organic Baby Shampoo and Body Wash by Organic Blessings (photo is credited to

What do we mean by organic baby products? --

Organic baby products are natural baby products which doesn't use materials which are artificial and in some ways damaging to the natural course of life. In terms of baby products, organic or natural baby products are products which doesn't use potentially damaging surfactants and damaging chemicals. Usually organic products come from natural sources like animal oils and plant oils.

Parents always want the best care for their babies and that include the baby products which are used for babies gentle bodies.

  • One best way to care for your babies is making sure that they use safe baby products for their bodies, skin and hair. Organic baby products are proven safe and effective for baby's skins from head to toes. Organic or natural baby products like shampoos and body wash should contain none of the chemical agents that can damage baby's hair and skin.

The use of organic or natural baby products for baby's skin and hair care

Organic, natural, green, biodegradable skin and hair care personal products are in nowadays, and organic baby products are generally endorsed by many organizations that do care for the safety of the environment and at the same time caring for babies. Here in the United States the government regulates the production of such products and they monitor it closely. Other competing manufacturing entities also questioned the credibility of other claims by other manufacturers, i.e., some companies will market other shampoos as protecting your hair form ultraviolet rays of the sun when in fact it is found out that amount in shampoos cant possibly do this.

Choosing Organic or Natural Baby Products

Why Use Natural Organic Baby Products?

  • The "no more tears" is another thing to consider when we think about organic shampoos and body wash that we use for our babies. Their eyes can easily be irritated and stronger chemicals may cause harm to the baby's eyes. The surfactants which may irritate the eyes are not present in organic and natural body wash and shampoos.
  • The chemicals used are natural thus they are not artificial and not damaging to the overall skin and scalp of the baby
  • Organic baby shampoos and body wash are environmentally friendly, so why not, in our own little ways we can support and become "green"
  • they are good for your skin if you have allergies

What chemical ingredients to look for when buying organic or natural products for babies

There are lots of shampoos which advertised that their products are organics but almost all of them contains SLS -- sodium lauryl sulfate

  • Choose organic shampoos with less concentration of SLS or none at all (but since it is impossible to make shampoos without this), choose the lesser concentrated one. SLS or the more less concentrated one sodium laureth sulfate is preferred
  • It should contain essential oils
  • It should not contain Pthlalates -- chemical compunds and are used in plastics -- and is used in baby shampoos and body wash, powder and lotions as well

Important Note About Using Organic or Natural Baby Products

Always ask your health care provider's opinion when embarking on anything about your baby's health. You (the primary caregiver) and your health care provider are the best persons to know what is good for the overall health of your baby.


The use of natural organic baby products are beneficial to the overall personal care of our babies. Organic baby personal products can be in the forms of shampoos, lotions, body wash and powder. What we are looking for in organic baby products are the ones with minimal damaging chemicals like the ones ending with eth -- i. e., sodium laureth sulfate. Baby products like shampoo should contain essential oils which are good for baby's skins. Pthlalates, a chemical compound use in plastics should be avoided. There are lots of advantages if we use organic baby products.


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