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No, Calling someone "Karen" is NOT the same as using the N-word or other racial slurs.

Updated on May 3, 2020

Actual Facebook post where anti-vaxxers threaten a mass shooting of the CDC.

Anti-vaxxer talks about how she wants to force a pregnant woman to miscarry.

Shut up, Karen.

Apparently some people are too self absorbed to realize this, but the term "Karen" is nothing like calling a black person the N-word or a Jewish person the K-word.

See, when you use the N-word or the K-word you're judging a whole group of people solely by the color of their skin, ethnicity, and/or religion. And that, my dear Karen, is called bigotry.

But when we call you a Karen it's because we're judging you as a truly bad individual.

You, Karen, are judged because you'll scream for a manager when a cashier cannot honor that coupon that expired three years ago and can only be used for the regular sized product, not the family sized. As you stand there reeking of your overpriced pyramid scheme essential oils, your cheaply made, high priced makeup that you applied with a trowel and all the expertise of a toddler who was in the midst of a grand mal seizure flaking off, you scream about calling corporate for something that is 100% your fault and how everyone is going to lose their jobs.

When you're done with that you go home to where the child you regret not having aborted, so you chose to not vaccinate them instead, lies dying slowly and painfully of measles. You force them to drink essential oil infused colloidal silver then give them a bleach enema. Oh, you can call it Miracle Mineral Solution all you want, but you know in reality it's really an industrial strength bleach.

After you're done with your latest attempt to be the next Susan Smith without the drowning and fake carjacking, you go to Facebook where you post how all Autistic people need to be rounded up and "euthanized" because they're "vaccine injured" and "It's for the best." You then post about how you think every black person should die, share anti-vaxxer memes that are not only filled with lies but also anti-Semitic imagery, and then go on rants about chemtrails and genetically modified food is turning everyone into gay, Autistic Satanists.

Next you'll send death threats to parents whose children died of cancer. Claiming that the parents "filled them with cancer filled vaccines and therefore deserved to have their child die." You'll go on to say about how they should die too then turn around and claim that you're "The bestest Christian in the universe!"

And don't try to deny it, it's on Facebook for everyone to see. Wander into any anti-vaxxer group and you'll see all the ableist, racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, and transphobic crap you Karens all post. You can also find it all over Twitter, some of it even posted by "evil Hollywood liberals." Moderators might delete it, but the posts are saved as screenshots and you just post them again anyway to your own personal pages.

Nothing on the internet is ever really gone.

Then after a round of trying to recruit people into your doTerra/Young Living/Arbonne/Herbalife/Pure Romance/or other pyramid scheme downline, you slam down half a bottle of your non-GMO, organic, essential oil infused vodka, pray to the God you pretend to believe in, rub a few crystals on your forehead - offending real Christians, Wiccans, and Pagans alike - grab your crappily made vibrator, and lay in bed daydreaming of your child's rotting corpse and the day measles will set you free from the child you never wanted to have.

THAT'S why we call you Karen. Because you are an evil, nasty, vile, bigoted, lying, child abusing monster. You are morally no different from the likes of John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy.

The term "Karen" has NOTHING in common with the actual N-word and K-word. So shut up, vaccinate your kid(s), and get some therapy to deal with what a nasty little bigot with an anger management problem you are.

Oh, and Karen, think about something as you try and brag about what a "good Christian" you are. If Jesus was willing to sit and take time out to braid a whip before using it on the money changers and merchants who turned the Holy Temple into the Temple Of Greed - what do you really think he'd be willing to do with a bigoted child abusing piece of garbage like you?

Check out the meme on the left side, it's a popular anti-vaxxer meme and is filled with anti-Semitic imagery.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Jami JoAnne Russell


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