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How to Keep True Love Eternally Burning

Updated on April 28, 2020
Chardie Cat profile image

Chardie Cat is an author and a blogger. He used to work in the fields of PR, Publishing & Internet Marketing. Now, he is a freelance writer.

Fall in love over and over again...

I have never been into many romantic relationships, but I know how it feels to be in love. For me, it’s the most unique and magical feeling that I have ever experienced in my life. While writing this article, I was really thinking if I made the right decision to publish a content that shares my thoughts about this feeling. People may think this is not a good timing, but hey, love is not a seasonal emotion and it does many miracles in our lives, so it is just right to talk about it anytime.


There should be more than a thousand and one reasons to be in love. And you can find sundry ways to express and convey your love to and with someone. I knew of many lovers who go on a candle-lit dinner at grandiose restaurants on their monthsaries. When I heard of my uncle and aunt planning on a river cruise on their 50th anniversary, I was enraptured at how love works on their relationship. And when I learned that my best friend would take his wife on a country tour on St. Valentine’s Day, I was bemused by love's mystery.

Theirs are only a few of the many love stories that threw riddles at me, which I tried to find answers for. And I think there are other romantic ways to celebrate love that are far extraordinary. Then I realized that to celebrate love is to remind each other of their divine promise and commitment. But how do you keep the embers of love from burning eternally? Here are my own concepts of love and few simple insights on how to stay in love with your partner through the years.


Simultaneously Love Two Persons

You should trust me when I say that true love is not a one-sided affair. In loving, you need to love two people at the same time—that’s the good and the worst sides of him. Why? Solely loving the good side of that person, is embracing the core of his heart. But adoring the worst side of him is seeing the beauty of his soul. True love allows you to see his imperfections. The good thing is, because of your true love you will accept these imperfections and nourish them with it and allow them to transform into adorable qualities.


Together You Sleep, Together You Rise

Going to bed together is a romantic sight to imagine. You will have more time to look at each other’s faces, to share about your day’s activities and to feel each other’s warmth. It is just lovely to consider that the last thing you see before you close your eyes is the face of the one you faithfully adore. And when daylight breaks that pacific sleep, you wake up with the same beautiful face that inspires you every moment—the kind of face you want to grow old with.


Unwrap the Mysteries of Love

Love works mysteriously. Make your everyday relationship a thrilling ride to discovering new things about each other and see how surprising it would be. Marriage is a never-ending safari and quest for epic eye-openers. Your discoveries will be your clues to finally paint the beautiful portrait of your love in your twilight years. Isn’t it exciting to uncover something new from your husband or wife every day?


Be Naughty, Be Childish

Relive sprightly memories and do some crazy, childish things together. Bringing back those fantastic chapters will help you realize how far you have come with your relationship. Love should always be accompanied with electrifying games packed with levity, escapades and revelations—good elements that will strengthen your intimacy. Run for each other by the beach, don’t get tired teasing each other and make more time to laugh with each other, even over the simplest jokes you have.


Live to Discover the Recent Trends

Don’t get behind the latest development in technology. Be in the fad and explore and discover together how to use the new gadgets and devices available in the market. Get involved with the fancy of social media, update your community of your adventures together and inspire them with your love story. You will have so much to do with technology that could help you boost your relationship.


Explore and Enjoy the World Together

Making memories together makes your love grow stronger and better. If you have the opportunity and finances, traverse new places and capture every moment of it. In the next few years, you will enjoy reminiscing those times as you look into the photographs you took during those travels. Embark on a countryside expedition, witness the sunrise by the beautiful beach, kiss each other by the bonfire, and take a thrilling train ride to the next city. When you travel together, you are forging a deeper, more secured and healthier relationship.


Keep Your Romance Ablaze

Always dare to try doing something extraordinary and new. Try to experiment. The usual things will make your relationship dull and boring. Make room for new concepts of lovemaking—exploring beyond your limitations. It should always be an interesting activity to delve into. Make it more romantic, stimulating and passionate than ever. Always try to give each other the kind of satisfaction that nothing else can give but yourselves.


Grow Old Gracefully with Wonderful Memories

We always dream to grow old with the one we truly love. How lovely it would be to see yourselves in grey hairs, sitting by the porch, sharing a cup of coffee, reminiscing the good old days—with all the fun-filled and worthwhile memories. Protect every moment you spend with each other with your love and always celebrate love with a passionate kiss, a warm touch and a reassuring hug. And don’t forget to say, “I love you” in all the days of your lives, because that’s what you are living for—to love and be the happiest person on earth.

Finding true love can be difficult sometimes. But when you find it at the right person, don’t let it go. Instead, embrace it, feed it with truth and faithfulness so that there will be no dying embers, but only a flaming torch of undying love and commitment.


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