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Not So Lazy Days

Updated on June 5, 2011

What are you doing this summer? With the schools' summer break coming in just under two weeks. many parents can name a vacation or the Shore, but have very few ideas about the remainder of the, oh, eleven weeks the kids are home.

In an effort to help you, I am challenging myself to find something to do at least five days a week, each week of summer. I plan to share with you what we do, complete with instructions (if needed) and costs. Activities will fall under these categories:

Sports & Games - Activities which get the kids moving or are competitive.

Arts & Crafts - Projects that involve the kids making something.

Field Trips - Adventures to places outside our home.

With my experience of being a former camp counselor, I have no fear about finding activities for our kids to do. However, I am open to ideas, so if you would like to contribute any, please do in the comments.

Oh, and I will have one last category - Shopping - for deals on items needed for future projects and, of course, Back-to-School shopping.

The last day of school for my kids is June 16, so I'll see you back here on June 17...

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