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Of My Brothers, The Shea's, The Keifer's

Updated on November 1, 2009

A Little Story


Perhaps @daybreak I will be sleeping like a doe in the forest.  Everything will be silent about.

My husband right by my side deep throughout the night. We will dream and think of our brothers far a way in other places throughout the country and of again we will dream and think of when we will laugh trying to be sweet.  Since high tech things, our communication capabilities have been expanding to easier and easier ways of keeping in touch with one another.  Life is good when loved ones are in reach and we all are healthy and strong.  Except now, Steven Michael Shea is gone away.

I will always love him, no matter what and I always did love him.  That most of us are really healthy is gratefulness that I often think of in prayer. Well, quietly now I will gather my thoughts for prayers.

For a rich prayer life is always desired of by me. “JESUS, MARY, JOSEPH, I LOVE YOU, SAVE SOULS! is my request.



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