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Official Dr. Brown's Bottle Review

Updated on April 26, 2013

Dr. Brown's Bottles

Official Dr. Brown's Bottle Review

I have debated in my mind for several weeks on whether or not I should write articles about baby products I have experience with. I considered if I really have anything of value to add to the discussion of babies and the enormous amount of products that go along with them. My answer obviously is, yes. My wife and I now have a 9 month old son, Ethan and now that we are getting further away from the "baby stage", I thought perhaps an article about the bottles we use could be beneficial to new parents. I know as a new father bottles scared the crap out of me! In my 31 years of life I have never given a baby a bottle. In the store they looked so confusing and there were so many parts! Thankfully my wife knew what to do and I rest easy in her sound judgment.

Dr. Brown's bottles are very unique from others I have seen on the market. After speaking with several of my family members, I learned these particular bottles are very popular amongst mothers and for good reason. First off, the raised markings are displayed on the bottle marking off ounces and I'm guessing mL, even though the ones we have do not display the units. This helped me provide an accurate amount of liquid without spending any extra time setting the bottle on a flat surface to ensure accuracy. My only complaint with this type of marking is that the numbers are very small and difficult to see, plus they are the same color of the bottle which adds to the problem.

The second characteristic of this bottle I really like are the guts! Yes, I said it, guts. The guts supposedly help babies with colic and actually helps prevent colic as well. Since our son was breast fed and formula fed, I liked this feature. The way it works is airflow is reduced inside the bottle preventing babies from taking on extra air or gas causing digestive issues. It's a little hard to describe what the pieces look like, but I will do my best. There is a blue plastic tube that is tapered out towards the top. Then there is a cylinder looking piece with a few slits cut in the middle that fits into the tapered end of the blue tube. The cylinder piece connected to the tube sits on the bottles opening. Then, the top containing the nipple is screwed into place. The whole assembly is so simple, yet very effective. I must admit, I was very nervous when I first saw my wife take this apart and put it together again. However, after I did it once it was no big deal.

The final feature I liked about this product was how easy the nipple fit into the cap and created a solid seal. The nipples can be changed out for more flow as your baby gets older, however we are still using the 6 month nipple and Ethan does just fine. If you notice your baby's cheeks changing colors to a reddish hugh during and after feeding, then it's time to move up to the next size. The nipple fits very comfortably (I'm guessing) into the baby's mouth and seems to be natural for Ethan at least. I've noticed with other brands he has had a difficult time adjusting to the nipple. We have also tried Avent bottles which I like as well however the type we used had a seal that could be removed to be washed which ended up leaking like crazy after a few months. The markings for the units of measure were much larger, clearer, and in a different color but the seal issue became a problem with all of our Avent Bottles, so we switched and have been using Dr. Brown's Bottles now for at least seven or eight months without problems!

If you're looking for a bottle that helps prevent Colic and is simple to use, then you can't go wrong using a Dr. Brown's Bottle. With clearly marked units of measure, the simple pieces that fit together without ever leaking, and the natural looking nipple assembly, this bottle is hands down my favorite. I will have to agree with the moms I have discussed this particular brand with and give my thumbs up to a great product.


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  • Iamsam profile image

    Iamsam 5 years ago

    Very informative information for new parents.