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On Their Life Cycles Built For Two.

Updated on January 2, 2010

On Their Life Cycles...Built For Two.



With youthful elation....
tiny children they dance
in the warmth of a
sunbaked day.

Like virginal flights
newly hatched butterflies
who are just taking wing...
they flit to and fro
through bright buttercups..
and wildflowers that grow
bonnie blue and bright pink.

Pausing once to peruse
all the intricate patterns
woven in Queen Ann's lace.

Carelessly laughing
as they blow with a wish
the puffs of a
dying Dandelion......

Squeezing fat bladea of grass
between chubby hands
fingers cupped tightly...
thumbs hugged closely
side by side
as they attempt to
whistle a natural tune.

Just some good vibrations
from nature's vast repertoire.

Spreading pollen unaware
on the toes of their sneakers
as they prance nimbly
through broad lawns and meadows.

Ducking bees...chasing birds
leaping sprinklers..catching burrs,
while soft golden curls bounce
as they go a tumbling
in a pile of rumpled clothes
and shiny faces.

Their soiled fingers locked
in friendships,
their legs tangled
like the roots of a cypress.

Smiles bloom
giggles blossom,
and contentment
burst forth
in a sigh...

"Gee, but it's swell...
to be five!!"


With a growing awareness

these same two as
teenaged lovers grasp
all the benefits
of a gentle embrace,
in the cool of the shade
on a sunbaked day.

Like grapevines

and tightly curled
their young hearts
grow heady with the sweet nectars
of loves passionate fruits

Her Bobbi Brooks wrapped
snugly against his Levis
as fingers reach
tenatively forward
like tendrils of a vine,
slowly exploring
only those areas,
within mutual boundaries set
where trust is encouraged.

Sweet and succulent kisses
burst forth from budding lips
with a taste that will be
remembered at any age...
fondly over tea...
Chablis..or Chardonay.

At any future moment in time
they will then recall
with melancholy smiles
all those "Going steady days"
in that hot summer haze.

With all legalities tended,
sweet discoveries await
these two who now are newlyweds
both snugly ensconced
in their marital bed
in the warm Summer Soltice
under June's glowing moon.

With fingers a' bumbling
and nervously fumbling
sweet words of love mumbled
over several near misses,
hearts trembling find calm
in some more gentle kisses.

Like a farmers thick finger
gently prods mother earth
slowly making a place
to enclose its wide girth,
then his seed will be planted
where new life can take birth.

Joyously does he plow
for the harvest brings mirth
as it does to those new
to the wedding of two,
who as one soon become
joined in heavenly fun.

She the warm fertile field,
he the farmer's firm prod,
pleasureably do they labor
for a small gift from God.

Tiny children will dance
in the warmth of their suns
as it is now
and forever to come
once again it's begun.


those Honeymoon nights
is life ever so fine?
as that fresh start of love
on a journey devine...?"


With August now fading
here arthritically bent
they sit snuggled together
from thier well spent,

On a bench in that park
sharing elderly love
as the chirps of a lark
bring a song from above.

Here as children they'd danced
on warm sundrenched days
as the butterflies pranced
in such colorful ways

Near spots where they'd necked
as teenagers entranced
she in her bobbi Brooks
he in his Levi pants.

Now they both gently twirl
old gold rings on their fingers
from those days

they were newlyweds
such memories linger.

Their faces both lined with
the weight of their years
each etched deep

from their smiles
every worry and tear.

Now they watch

their own children
who proudly display
all the fruits of their harvests
as the grandchildren play.

Tiny children who dance
leaping high...laughing loudly,

Gram and Gramp share a glance
as they smile, Oh, so proudly.

Someday soon they will sleep[
side by side in rich soil
planted deep in stone gardens
weary bones free from toil.

Till the master himself
comes to harvest all souls
then they'll bloom once again
from each dark graveyard hole.

Then with youthful elation
as reborn children they'll dance
in the everwarm sun
of God's great happenstance
in life's sweet, second chance.


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