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Stay At Home Mom Schedule

Updated on November 3, 2015

A Video About The Day In The Life Of A Stay At Home Mom

A Day In The Life Of A Stay At Home Mom

Have you ever wondered what Stay-at-home Moms do all day? Have you been thinking of becoming one?

I have been a Stay-at-home Mom since my Son was born a little over 6 years ago. My Daughter arrived a little under two years later.

Our household consists of a Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter, a dog and a cat.

My husband travels a lot, so it's usually just me taking care of the kids, dog, cat and house through the week.

We live on the East Coast, but all of our family is in the Midwest, so there is no family around to help.

Picture of kids in Pajamas

Picture of kids in Pajamas
Picture of kids in Pajamas | Source

The Morning

I start my day at 6 am. I wake up and get myself ready for the day. Shhh! Quiet! Don't wake the kids yet! It's Mommies time.

By 6:30 am, I am downstairs getting my breakfast together and starting a pot of coffee. Now is my time to check my emails and maybe submit a post on Bubblews.

7:30 am: It's time to walk the dog and start preparing the kids breakfasts and getting their lunches and snacks ready. Was there something I needed to fill out in their book bags?

8 am: Rise and shine kiddos. I run from one room to the next excitedly waking them up for the day. They still do not budge. I started singing songs and threatening to pick out their outfits for them.

8:30 am: I am still trying to get them to come downstairs to eat their breakfast and brush their teeth.

8:40 am: The kids have inhaled their breakfast and run out of the house with toothpaste still around their mouths.

8:45 am: The crossing guard comes and gets all the walkers and brings them across the street to the Elementary school.

9 am: Rush my daughter off to school. She has to be there by 9:10 am and you never know what this crazy Washington D.C. traffic will throw your way each day.

9:20: Made it to school....late again. Some moron decided to make a left hand turn from the far right lane. I don't know where some of these people get their license from?!

9:35 am: I am back home, but I need to bring my sons eye therapy paperwork to his reading therapist at his school.

9:40 am: I am checking in at the school. I go over his eye therapy information with the reading therapist. I am so happy she will be able to incorporate this into her lessons!

10:15 am: I make it back home. Only an hour and a half before I have to pick my daughter up at preschool. Time to pay bills, make another cup of coffee, walk the dog again (she keeps staring at me!), check my emails and work on my Bubblews account.

11:45: Time to go pick my daughter up from preschool.

Picture of a family eating lunch.

Picture of a family eating lunch.
Picture of a family eating lunch. | Source

The Afternoon

12:10: I pick my daughter up from preschool. Find out what they did in class and talk to her teacher for a minute. It's time to play on the playground and get some more energy out (hers, not mine). I talk to a couple other mommies about kid topics while the kids run around on the playground. Normally there is some sort of crisis like there may be 2 Barbie dolls, but there are 3 girls. Bring on the theatrics!

12:25: Rush home to eat lunch quickly. We have to be at my son's field day event at 12:45!

1pm: Make it to field event late because it takes sooooo long to eat. It's a good thing that field day lasts all afternoon!

3pm: Walk back home with my daughter. We vacuum the house and clean.

3:30pm: Normally, I pick my son up from school now, but he has Spanish Club on Monday's. I don't pick him up till 4:30pm today! I clean some more and read my youngest child a book. While I am cleaning, I have her play some ABC Mouse (very educational!).

4:30 pm: My daughter and I pick my son up from school. They still have so much energy that we stay at the school playground for another half hour and play with all the other kids there.

Picture of happy kids!

Picture of happy kids!
Picture of happy kids! | Source

The Evening

5pm: Make my way back to the house, pick up the mail and run in to some friends and chat for a few minutes while our kids go wild.

5:30 pm: Make it back to the house. What should I make for dinner? Oh yeah, my husband is gone again this week on a business trip. He is only ever home on the weekends! I just have to make something for the kids and I then.

6pm: I decide to make breakfast for dinner. Bacon, eggs and pancakes for dinner. The kids love it!

7pm: It's time to do 20 minutes of eye therapy and then 20 minutes of reading with my son. He grumbles. My daughter wants attention. I am only one person. I have my daughter play ABC mouse again while I do reading and eye therapy with my son.

8pm: I still have to walk the dog. Ugghh! Walking the dog with the kids is like an accident waiting to happen. One person runs off, another lags behind, our dog chases and sniffs everything. I am so happy when the walk is over.

8:30: It's bath time! Get in the bath! Nobody wants to get in the bath. I finally get them in the bath.

8:45 pm: It's time to get out of the bath! Nobody wants to get out of the bath. It's too much fun.

9pm: I am exhausted, but the kids seemed to have picked up more energy somewhere. I wish I had energy like that. Just watching them makes me tired. It's time to give the kids their vitamins and have them brush their teeth.

9:15 pm: I read two books to them. They each get to pick a book. If I don't do it that way, they will fight. They then proceed to fight over whose book will be read first. I take turns each night reading each of their books first.

9:30 pm: I am tucking them into their beds, kissing them goodnight. They are busy playing with their toys in bed.

9:45 pm: I finally get to take a shower, clean up the mess in the house and get things ready for the next day.

10:15 pm: My daughter comes upstairs to tell me that she can't sleep. I tuck her back into her bed with a coloring book and check on my son. He is sleeping.

10:30 pm: It's time for me to go to sleep so I can have energy to do it all again tomorrow!

Stay-At-Home Parents

Did you or your spouse stay at home with the kids?

See results

Am I Glad I Became A Stay At Home Mom?

Even though I have to be on the ball from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep, I wouldn't have changed anything.

I love being a Stay at home Mom!

It can be difficult sometimes and you may want to rip your hair out sometimes, but what job doesn't have that?

I was able to see my kids first steps, my son lose his first tooth, my children playing and much more.

I wouldn't not have been able to catch so many precious moments with my children if I was at work instead. I am there with them when they are healthy and sick.

If they need to be picked up from school early, I am there. I was able to watch my sons field day today since I am at home.

I am able to bring them to Doctors appointments and play dates.

Every once in a while (usually on tougher days), I think about what it would be like to be at work and have my children in daycare. Usually those fleeting moments pass quickly.

To answer the question, Yes, I am glad I became a stay-at-home Mom.

Video Of Chore Day


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    • caseymel profile image

      caseymel 12 months ago from Indiana

      Hi Kiddiecreations! I was a member of two different Mom's groups (a paid membership group and a free one through the church). Being with other Mom's who had kids the same age really helped. We had regular playdates, swapped things our kids grew out of and talked about our daily routines. The greatest thing is that we could all relate to each other!

    • kiddiecreations profile image

      Nicole Kiddie Granath 12 months ago

      I'm staying at home with my three-year-old and my newborn. I've been getting cabin fever at times, but trying to get out every day if i can. I'm thankful I can stay home with them!

    • caseymel profile image

      caseymel 4 years ago from Indiana

      Thanks GiblinGirl and Congratulations! (-:

    • profile image

      GiblinGirl 4 years ago

      I just had my first son 7 weeks ago and I don't know how stay-at-home moms do it. Bravo is all I can say. It's more than a full time job.

    • caseymel profile image

      caseymel 4 years ago from Indiana

      Thanks billybuc! I appreciate it! It is a lot of work. (-:

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Anybody who thinks being a stay-at-home parent is an easy job needs to read this article. You might help with population control with this frank look at the hectic pace of a mother. :) Well done!