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Updated on August 30, 2011

Pampers Nappies are relatively new to Australia, and are on the cheaper side, although not lacking in quality.  They are the lightest weight nappy you could find, almost entirely as thin as leather.  I absolutely loved them in the newborn size. However now my daughter is bigger I'm finding they are too long in the crotch area for her.

They all have cute Sesame Street prints, but these size 5 are predominantly blue in colour, and even though they are unisex I think they'd look better on a boy than a girl.

They are relatively soft to feel, I like the fabric, but the only stretch in them to adjust them is near the front side tabs. I find they don't sit well at the back due to no stretch or gathering in that area. They also sit quite high at the back. I have found I want to fold the back of them down a bit when I put them on my daughter because they sit too high on her.

They have good absorbency considering how thin they are, this surprises me about them, but I feel they need a much shorter crotch area, especially to fit on a girl, as this area almost hangs down to my baby's thighs and too far under short dresses - makes it look like she has a very full nappy that needs changing, when she doesn't, or look like she's a boy. They are the reasons I stopped using this nappy.

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