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Pampers Swaddlers Review

Updated on March 27, 2011

Video Review

The Perfect Diaper for your Newborn

As a father of three kids, I have changed my share of poopy diapers. I would have to say that it is one of my least favorite parts about being a parent, but I did it because I love them.

I was really amazed at how small the newborn diapers were, and we personally used Pampers Swaddlers for our three kids. Sure, we didn't use them for long since they grow out of them so fast, but I thought that I would create this hub to share my experiences with them.

We really appreciated the quality of the Pampers Swaddlers and I was amazed that we never ripped any of the tabs (that certainly changed in later years with other diapers - but that is a topic for another hub). This can be especially important if you are a first time parent, and get a little too excited, only to find that you wrecked the diaper.

Do they Leak?

Even though I read some people mention that they had problems with them leaking, we never experienced any.  In fact, they seemed to "hold" the right amount in based on all our children's sleeping patterns.

We did have one or two instances when the baby's poop creeped up and out the back of the diaper.  They were rather large poops, so I would think that it would have been an issue no matter what brand we were using.  But if you place the diaper up a little higher on the back than on the front, chances are that you can avoid this problem.

As far as newborn diapers go, I would recommend Pampers Swaddlers to everyone.  They are also available in larger sizes (Size 1 and 2) which means you can use them until your child is 18 lbs.  They are definitely worth the money.

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