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Parenting Resources

Updated on January 20, 2011

Even the best parents need help from time to time. Whether it’s dealing with a specific issue such as substance abuse or discipline, or simply improving parenting skills, parents look for resources to improve their parenting skills. Here are some of the top resources available to parents. 

Parenting Websites

The internet has made it easier than ever for parents to help other parents and discuss common issues. Parenting websites can be a great resource for tips on parenting. Look for parenting websites that focus on teenagers if you are having trouble with your teen, or toddlers if your kids are that age. If you are dealing with a specific problem, a Google search will return helpful results. Blogs from other parents can give you a glimpse of real life experiences of other parents and give you the chance to interact with the blogger. Similarly, discussion boards are a great place to bounce ideas off of other parents or get feedback on your problem.

Parenting Magazines and Newsletters

Parenting magazines or newsletters are also a great supplement to your parenting skills, delivering monthly advice straight to your door (or inbox) from parents who have “been there” and have advice to share. These resources address timely issues, such as dealing with the holidays for example. Columnists offer a wide variety of opinions and many magazines will also publish results of studies on parenting as well.

Parenting Network

One of the best things you can do to improve your parenting skills is to get together on a regular basis with other dedicated parents. Many organizations offer a way to connect with other parents. Look for a parent support group in your area, for example. You can often find parent networks on websites that promote the times and places of meetings and events. Get to know your childrens’ friends and their friends’ families or get involved at your child’s school as another way to build your own personal parenting network. Families in your neighborhood or worship group are another good resource.

Parenting Classes

Parenting classes offer a structured curriculum for improving your parenting skills as well as the chance to connect with other parents. Online parenting classes offer flexibility for parents’ busy schedules. Parenting classes in a traditional format are also available in most places. These classes will help you set goals and will improve your parenting skills by building upon your personal strengths.

Image Credit: makelessnoise, Flickr


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  • Torys Ten profile image

    Torys Ten 6 years ago from Central Utah

    I'm the father of eight. Parenting is a complex task, but I leaned it as I went (still learning). These resource ideas are good. Best wishes in your parenting and writing!

  • winepress profile image

    winepress 6 years ago

    Great info, you know what? I'm going to bookmark this hub and the links. Thanks for putting this here on Hubpages.