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Parenting Solutions-because childhood lasts longer than a school year, and family lasts a lifetime.

Updated on January 2, 2013


Kim Diaz

The year is 2013 and it's more frightening out there, than it ever has been before. We can't seem to protect our children enough. We can probably blame our economy for starters, though. Ever since our family structure was forced into change, to make ends meet, no one's been minding "our" children. Two-income families are a given now, just to keep a roof overhead, and food on the table. Children are left to care for themselves all too often, at younger ages. This leaves our youth far too vulnerable into becoming victimized in a self-gratifying society with predators just waiting to make their move.

There have been many changes over the past two decades, in our American family structure. Most of these changes leave parents tired, worried, and struggling to give their children a likeness to their own childhoods. Mostly, of which is far out of reach. With our economy taking a direct hit from out-sourcing products and services, to the high cost of living, our families are left to deal with broken marriages, and the stresses of raising children in a multi-home environment, usually lacking in consistency and stability. Parental guilt can lead to anger and fear, and in some cases, substance and alcohol abuse, which in turn leads to more chaos and confusion, and further destruction of the family unit. This type of "terrorism" is far worse than what we could expect from an outside enemy. This terrorism hits from the inside-out. In most cases, we never see it coming. It begins within the human core and permeates to outside destruction. Unlike the horrific "bombing" we experienced in New York City on 9/11, this kind of terrorism begins in the home. It poisons what we hold dearest, and we may not even be aware of it until it's much too late. Domestic violence, child abuse, families in crisis-Terrorism on the Homefront. We need to be aware that it's here already. Slowly, but methodically destroying what we hold dearest, or should-our children.

If we stop and think about it, we could probably each count at least a half a dozen marriages that we personally know of that have ended in divorce. We may even know a couple of friends that either abuse alcohol or drugs at some level, as well. What's even more frightening, is that we may know of a child that has been abused in some way. That's disastrous! We would never knowingly allow a neighbor's family to be under attack, threatened, or hurt by an unknown assailant. We would allow our inner sense to protect to come to the surface. That's what we need to do in our homes. We need to love, honor, and protect our own. Just as our brave and committed soldiers do to protect our country and all that it stands for, we in turn need to emulate them, and protect our families. We may not be able to change some things in our society, overnight, but we can change things for the better in our own lives, one day at a time, by fighting terrorism in our own homes.

Gone are the days we allow our young children to ride their bikes in their neighborhoods. Gone are the days that our younger children can walk to school unthreatened by any harm that could come to them. Gone are the days of worry-free childhood and parenthood, for that matter. We all seem to be under a great deal of stress and worry. The choices we make to deal with this stress are becoming more and more detrimental to our children's well-being and peace of mind. So, no, we may not be able to stop the wars already in progress on foreign soils. We may not be able to change society with merely a wishful thought, but we can stop terrorism in our homes. We need to start with our own, and then slowly, let the healing begin and continue from the inside-out. It can be done. We just need to start now!

Kim Diaz

The Perfect Match-A Story about foster care, family, and adoption.


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    • Kim Grbac Diaz profile image

      Kim Diaz 4 years ago from Upstate, New York always...I appreciate your feedback...very supportive and wise


    • profile image

      johnnyraydiaz 4 years ago

      Talk about home -grown terrorism! The times they are a changing! The family is a child's first society therefore you are right kim when you say that we need to change society from the inside out. Again your hubs are well written. Very good reading with a lot of bitter-sweet truth. God bless you Kim.

    • Kim Grbac Diaz profile image

      Kim Diaz 5 years ago from Upstate, New York

      thanks, Jessie. I appreciate your shared belief, and value your comments. Sometimes being selfish

      works if it's for your child, not in lieu of them. thanks for your support.

    • profile image

      jessielovesny 5 years ago

      to make it quick and simple, money isnt the issue.. alot of parents just are not the quality they should be. a child needs love and guidence. so many people out there are selfish and put their own needs first, leaving the child off to the side and to learn from either a bad family example, or that of friends and the outside world. good, familty values are not the core, seems more like self interest is what supersedes that. kim is right... change starts in the home... and by the looks of our society, it needs to start now!!!

    • Kim Grbac Diaz profile image

      Kim Diaz 5 years ago from Upstate, New York

      I do agree that some parents make choices to give their families the "extras" that life has to offer. I was lucky enough to have attended grad school back in the 80's and have my extended family help with the raising of my only child, who is now 30. In generalizations, although I don't like to make them, as each family has their own identity and imprint on society, I do feel that those families who struggle could use a little more support and assistance to give their children those "extras" without feeling guilty because they can't do it on their own. We all try to do what's best for our families, sometimes, societal stresses can get in the way.

    • Tracy Lynn Conway profile image

      Tracy Lynn Conway 5 years ago from Virginia, USA

      While there are families where both parents must work to keep food on the table there are also many families where both parents choose to work, this is to afford extras like lessons, a better car, nicer house etc. I spoke to a Mom recently who could afford to stay home but chose to work so that her son could go to private elementary school. Many parents have priorities that supersede family time and bonding.