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Parents Play XBox Live With Your Kids

Updated on July 22, 2012

My Lil Xbox Gamer

My lil Ms. Pac Man    She is older now, but enjoys the workout videos and starts to do workouts on her own even when the Xbox Live is not on.
My lil Ms. Pac Man She is older now, but enjoys the workout videos and starts to do workouts on her own even when the Xbox Live is not on. | Source

Play With Your Kids

Not sure how many of you other Hubbers have an Xbox, console with Xbox Live. If you don't have it, you need to get it. You already have some sort of internet connection if you are reading this at home. The technology involved in the Xbox Live is really simple, sweet, and so fun to play and learn with your children. I have two kids. I play both fun games and educational games with my kids and they are working out with games like Fruit Ninja and they don't even realize it. I am not saying this is to replace going out into the real world and having fun with friends, and bike riding and going for walks, because we always do that about 3 to 4 times a week. I love the fresh air where I live and it cannot be replaced. But times where it is stormy out like it has been the last few days, switching on the Xbox can be an enjoyable past time. My kids have introduced me to games that I thought would be boring, but turned out to be really fun and addicting.

My youngest loves her Elmo game, and she loves to try to turn on the Xbox with the Kinect tuner. All you have to do is wave to the Xbox Kinect tuner and it will turn on and recognize who you are and log into your profile.. Yes it is that easy. My youngest is too short and too young to have her own profile, but she enjoys watching her silhouette on the screen when she is waiving at the TV.

I like to use the work out Kinect material that is available on Xbox Live to get me in shape, and my kids will copy what I am doing or they will join in when it calls for others to participate. If you are a Facebook fan, you can connect your FB account to your Xbox Live account and easily stay in contact with friends and family just with the sound of your voice. The video chat is amazing, with my the grandparents living far away, the grand children can easily stay in touch with the family across the nation. There are so many kid friendly non violent Kinect turner games available for your Xbox Live system, that after you been using it for awhile you will wonder why you haven't taken advantage of this type of family entertainment in the past. We have game night with my kids, and they get to pick and we are usually huffin and puffin with excitement and laughing with all the variety of game-play we have to choose from.

Take your time if you haven't purchased a Xbox game console. I believe they have some good specials out there and you can even buy a good used one from major retailers. There are hundreds of used games to purchase and you can rent games nowadays. You can set up profiles for your kids to have where you control the level of content that is available for them to view, so you don't have to worry about mature content. I can't stress enough when you get into the current generation of not just reading with your kids, or bike riding, but actually enjoying some good home entertainment and making it a regular apart of your family week activities, you will have a child that wants to come back home to spend time with there family. They may even want to invite a friend or two over to partake in the fun. There is nothing wrong with spreading some joy and good times in the family, and this reaction can only lead to positive results.

So go on ahead and please if you haven't give Xbox live a try, and get the Kinect tuner, which will allow you to experience a new level of family traditions, that can jump start the love and happiness of any home.

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    • JustSimple info profile image

      JustSimple Info 5 years ago from Puget Sound

      You should do it, if you haven't purchased one already. Microsoft has a deal also where the Xbox is $99 I think and you pay a monthly fee for Xbox live. Just today my daughter was waving at the TV thinking she could turn on the Xbox 360, and the Kinect controller she wanted to play and learn with Elmo. What I love about it is, its not all about games, its about spending quality time with my two kids. They love it, and I learn something and have fun with them. We have fun outside the house too, but on windy stormy days, and some hot days, its nice to have fun inside and a little competition with family can always be fun.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 5 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for this lesson on the Xbox and how it can improve family time. Something else for me to check out.