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Parents guide for children: How to motivate children to do homework?

Updated on July 14, 2013
Mother reading story book to kids
Mother reading story book to kids

Parents guide: How to motivate my child do homework?

How can parents motivate their child to study is a common question in present times. More parents are searching for the right solution and what is the answer?

When I talk to my relatives and friends, I receive feedback that parenting is a challenge today. Mostly, kids are just not interested in studying or doing their homework. We need to bang our heads to get the homework done. They are just too slow. After work, we need to spend time with the kids for their studies and they just don't seem to be interested.

I saw few cases where parents started shouting and even using physical abuse to make their children do homework. However, they got no results and the child was emotionally and physically scarred for life.

Here is a simple guide with easy steps to motivate your kid to study.

1. Create an environment of study and peace at home. When the child returns from school, if he watches her parents watching soap opera or latest movie, he or she will be interested to follow the same. So, mothers or fathers need to be good examples before children. When children are present, we can take a short break from other activities and read some good books. When we read books, they will like to copy us too. In the end, the situation will be very peaceful and everybody will be reading books. However, if the pattern of the family is different for long time, it might take some time for children to adapt to change. They might continue to watch television for sometime to test us. We need to resist repeatedly asking them to do their homework and continue reading our books. Soon, they will follow us and even ask for some guidance and help. When true motivation comes from their heart, it will continue even without your presence in future.

2. Let the children enjoy extra curricular activities. When children play and interact with others, they are emotionally and physically sound. Their mind is in better condition for studies. As the saying goes, "All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy". It is very true and practical. Most parents complain that when my child cannot finish his or her homework, how can I let him or her play. Parents need to realize that playing is very essential for children's health. When they play, they can study too. We need to let the children be children. We need to be patient and can participate in some outdoor games with them too. The more time we spend with time, the more they can be open to us about their problems in studies or anything.

3. Take the pressure off. If there is some major examination, parents tend to tense up and feel stressed. This tend to send negative vibrations to children and create a negative environment at home. The children find home too stressful to study and whenever they talk, they find its always about studies and how they need to improve their grades. Parents need to relax and take the big picture. They need to understand that getting good grades is not the end of the world. They need to be emotionally stable and happy. When atmosphere at home is good, children find it easy to study. They can start to enjoy studies instead of taking it as a big burden.

In summary, children can be self motivated towards study if we can just make a small effort to let them enjoy their lives and provide a positive atmosphere at home. Physical or emotional abuse of children is very harmful and a step towards decreasing child self esteem and interest towards studies. So, enjoy parenting and create a positive atmosphere of peace and happiness at home. You might be surprised to see the children naturally change without much effort.


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