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Faith and Family

Updated on February 8, 2018
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Denise speaks from her own experience. She has had many trials and difficulties in her own life and seeks to help others through theirs.

Parents exercise their faith as they bring one of God's children into the world.
Parents exercise their faith as they bring one of God's children into the world.

Thank you, MsDora, for handing me the baton. I feel honored to be considered worthy to join your ranks in writing about this important subject. In a previous article, I wrote that faith is an ongoing process. In this article, I will do something a bit different. The articles written thus far have blessed us greatly (see the links below) and I hope that I can add to that blessing.

To share my faith with you, I must share a part of myself. Each vignette in this hub was written as a result of a personal experience where I learned to exercise my faith in the context of my family. First published in my newspaper column, The Voice of Experience, between 1997 and 2001, these essays tell a small part of my story. In sharing it with you, I pass along the baton of faith. May you use it to encourage and strengthen all those you love on your journey in this life.

Have you found that being a parent has brought you closer to God?

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A Mother's Feelings

How can a mother say how she feels on a sheet of paper in an envelope that’s sealed? How can she show what is in her heart when words alone are the work of art? How can she tell of the moment sublime when flesh and blood met in birthing rhyme and life came into being anew, a bit of heaven mixed with morning dew?

How can a mother say in a day that through a lifetime, come what may, she has gathered her child within her arms, and prayed that the Lord would protect from harms? For danger and evil are out in the world and she knows there’s a child with hair uncurled who’s hungry and cold and left to stay in the street from dawn until close of day.

How can a mother’s heart not ache when she knows that her child has made a mistake and must bear the brunt of the consequence because he stepped out of her well-built fence? How can she not cry tears of joy when she once again sees her little boy, now tall and strong with a smile stretched wide, whose ship just came in with the rising tide?

How can a mother not bend her knee and thank the Father and his powers that be when her children come with their little ones, their lovely daughters and stalwart sons, home to her arms and beckoning call to bind up the wounds they receive when they fall? Home to the voice that they heard as a child, when she held them close, whispering thoughts meek and mild.

Every day, we exercise our faith as we make choices that bring joy to others.
Every day, we exercise our faith as we make choices that bring joy to others.

Has experiencing tragedy lead you to seek for God's help?

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A New Beginning

I sensed the concern in my husband’s eyes. He had already called for help. My efforts to hush the other children brought more tears on their part and mine. We were all afraid. What would happen? We did not know. We only knew that we needed a power greater than our own. We knelt down. The children followed, each expressing their love and concern for their injured brother.

The doctor said to watch for signs. Only time would tell. The hours seemed like days, the waiting endless. If only I had been there! If only I had able to protect him….oh, how can I change the past? How can I forgive those who have caused this hurt?! How could anyone injure a life that is so precious?

Friends offered advice and condolences, yet their words would not take away the pain. I felt I could not bear it. Others depended on me for strength and support. I felt the reality of my own weakness. Often I found myself on my knees, pleading for some miracle that would bring my son back to me. I began to feel at peace, as if a power beyond my own were carrying me forward.

The men gathered around, commenting on the seriousness of the accident. Would he survive? Would there be lasting damage? Would medical attention be sufficient? Carefully they laid their hands on his head and united their faith in his behalf. All in the room felt the peace and comfort of renewed hope.

I held him in my arms. The memories flooded my parched soul. I kissed the tender lips, and stroked the cheeks that once smiled at me. I heard his voice saying my name softly. I felt his arms around me once again. I felt the pain drift away, slowly replaced by the dawn of a new beginning.

Children are innocent and incapable of sin. They are saved by God's unconditional love.
Children are innocent and incapable of sin. They are saved by God's unconditional love.

Have you been inspired by the simple faith of a child?

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Flower Girl

Who is this child beside me today, handing me flowers and smiling so gay? It hasn’t been long since she was a babe, so tiny and helpless, a soul to save. How could I know what was in her heart, what thoughts of the eternal home from which she did part?

Who is this child with her arms around me, looking longingly in my eyes to see, some deep pool of love from which she can drink, telling me secrets of what she does think? How can I teach her all she needs to know when even I don’t know which way to go?

Who is this child singing songs so sweet, always wanting to have me entreat, always wanting a world that is just, always extending her soul in trust? How can I protect her from the cruel world? Yet teach her to keep righteous flags unfurled?

Who is this child kneeling down to pray, pleading her cause at the close of the day? She remembers every neighbor and friend and even those who did offend. How can I raise her to spiritual heights when she already exceeds my own meager sights?

Who is this child, Lord, Thou hast given me? I want so much to help her see yet inside my mind there seems a veil while hers is parted, though she’s already set sail! How can I guide her back to Thee when she’s already living in eternity?

When we exercise our faith, we find good all around us. It gives us the strength to go forward, especially when life is difficult.
When we exercise our faith, we find good all around us. It gives us the strength to go forward, especially when life is difficult.

Do you feel that there is good all around?

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On the Lighter Side

On the lighter side, the brighter side, the sun shines in the dark. There's light in every window and a lamp in every park. Someone caring is at home when one arrives to stay, and hugs and kisses gently warm at the close of day. There is room in the house for everyone that we really love and new stars twinkle happily in the sky above.

On the lighter side, the finer side, there's good in all we meet. Smiles and firm handshakes come from everyone we greet. There are chairs for all to sit on and even some to spare, there's pillows and some blankets that we freely share. Food is on the table and in the cupboards too. There is a set of shoelaces in everybody’s shoe.

On the lighter side, the kinder side, the swing-sets all have swings. Someone's there to push the swing, giving a pair of wings. There is a slide for everyone and children will take turns, bumper cars to fit us all as everybody learns. A track is left to run on for all who wish to run and dry towels, they are waiting for all who have had fun.

On the lighter side, the higher side, there's room for all to climb. Someone with a helping hand will step out every time; people who will give a cheer, such a simple gift, or someone waiting patiently when we need a lift. Ropes and stakes are ready when the climbing gets too tough and a word of sweet encouragement when the trail is rough.

Life has many facets, we will all agree, and there is a better way, we can clearly see. That is on the lighter side, the side that brings great joy. The side that helps one sleep at night because they did employ the knowledge and the power to lift a heavy load; the side we wish others were on when we come down the road.

No matter what happens to us, there is someone who cares for us and loves us.
No matter what happens to us, there is someone who cares for us and loves us.

Do you believe that we are all part of God's family?

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Who are We?

Who are we? We are individual human beings. We go our separate ways and do our separate things. We are here in this world full of mischief and sorrow, a world with tomorrows that we do not know and cannot see. We only have today, the time that is here and now to make a difference. We only have each other.

Who are we? We are brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers. We are part of a chain that links our ancestors to our descendants. One slip and we could lose all we have. One joy and we could be together forever. We make the most of what we can do right now, each day, minute, hour, and second, for we do have each other.

Who are we? We are friends and neighbors in this community. Together, we defend our rights, our homes, and our lives. Only we know the fear that is within our own hearts. When the time comes, all we can do is pretend. Sometimes that is all there is. But then, we are friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens, and by pretending, we sustain each other.

Who are we? We are citizens in a country that is the greatest ever known. Freedom and opportunity are ours that others only dream of. We accept the responsibility of freedom, of being a fellow, a brother, and a comrade. For only then, will we remain with each other.

Who are we? We are human beings on a planet that is light years away from the nearest life form. Only by looking at the bigger picture of the universe can we understand the nature of creation, elevation, starvation, or any other –tion that may be. Only by looking at ourselves as nothing can we understand that we have everything. We have each other.

Just Around the Bend

Do you know what life is bringing, just around the bend? Is the time now quickly winging, just around the bend? Yes, there will be love around you; so much, it may yet astound you. Let the peacefulness surround you, just around the bend.

Will life be so different there, just around the bend? Will there be a steeper stair, just around the bend? You will feel so much stronger as you were when you were younger. Suffering will be no longer, just around the bend.

Will the time there be joyous, just around the bend? Will there be a heavenly chorus, just around the bend? Yes, the air is full of laughter, filling up that lofty rafter. It is like that ever after, just around the bend.

Will the scenery be enticing, just around the bend? Is the garden there inviting, just around the bend? Yes, there will be flowers growing and the grass is always showing. Even now, the sun is glowing, just around the bend.

Will friends and family be there waiting, just around the bend? Will emotions be elating, just around the bend? Hugs and kisses are the greeting; no one there is ever fleeting. Yes, look forward to the meeting, just around the bend.

Will there be signs at the coming, just around the bend? Will there be a voice summoning, just around the bend? The boat is moving smoothly on, the night is darkest near the dawn. Then the unknown will be gone, just around the bend.

Keep on going, then you will be just around the bend. It is not long and you will see just around the bend. Life cannot go any faster, time will only bring the answer, close your eyes, now, see the Master, just around the bend.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2014 Denise W Anderson


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