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Patty's December Writing Circle Newsletter (edited 2018)

Updated on December 31, 2018
pattyfloren profile image

Patty Florence has been an avid learner of sibling rivalry hoping it would provide answers to her family life.

Whose managing MCO'S (managed care) when sibling rivalry causes overhead costs to rise?

Haven't you heard what a revolution does for mankind? Just like MLK Jr's revolution inspired adults to have faith, and encouraged others to endure troubles. A leader of a revolution must stay focused and on top of the issues. They have to gain the experience to appeal graciously when faced with the enemy. A leader has to maintain integrity of a sound mind. The revolution of sibling rivalry affirms better relationships amongst brothers and sisters.

Individually, brothers and sisters living together have to maintain family ties while trying to become their own unique and independent selves. How helpful a brother or sister would be to see the effort from another brother or sister who gives their perspective of the world, and love of self.

I once read a story about a determined little girl who was confident about winning a race. While she did win, she became transfixed for a moment when her opponent was neck to neck with her, close to the finish line. Her brother ran alongside her from a distance, and exhibited qualities of a good runner. All she had to do was to get rid of her fear in order to win, while her brother gave her the confidence she needed to succeed.

Brothers and sisters who live together with their biological parents are lucky when their parents take good care of them. If not, a guardian should be in the home to provide just as good as care for them. Paradoxically, I.g. Billy and Bobby are twin brothers with a loving mother, but never really had that connection as unique individuals. They are different in looks, yet the same in pursuing the approval of their parents.

Bobby's fear is that he will not receive the blessings his father promised Billy. This feeling of fear and rejection is known as being lonely. What really needs to happen in this sibling rivalry scenario is that the twins have similar goals so that together they ca compete. Oftentimes, we as observers realize twins sometimes face the most difficult endeavors just getting along with each other. This must be where they as two separate individuals search for and draw in their strength.

Another thought occurred to question; It's a wonder how brothers and sisters who make silly mistakes can help each other without fear of disliking that person for getting them in trouble in the first place.

We all acknowledge siblings compete for parental affection. A sibling who has competed with another sibling may have forgotten to remind the sibling that he or she was being tested. The sibling who has acquired skills to be better than his other sibling is rewarded by his parents. This is when disappointment and frustration reaches a consensus among the other siblings of disliking him or her because of being the favorite. The key to recognizing disequilibrium is knowledge, and in this case the knowledge is learning cognitive skills.

REMEMBER, do not lose your mind in the struggle. From the words of Maulana Karenga, “Black Art...reminds us that art without revolution is “art for art's sake.

Can one name some reasons a person gets depressed?

A person can not easily get depressed when life is a bowl of cherries. They can get depressed when trying to live up to someone else's expectations, being very emotional to someone who has antisocial behavior, or have problems expressing their innermost concerns or feelings. Yes, medication helps a person with depression, but figuring out how to get out of depression makes everything better.

For example, a person becomes depressed because of temporarily being laid-off for an undetermined period. This person whose name has been hidden received no warning about what was to happen. She couldn't rest until she found out the real reason for a lay-off. It's scary because one reads about companies who lay-off workers all the time. What this person needs to do is file a grievance with this company, make a complaint and take action so that in the future, this company will not be able to use or disclose relevant information to other sources. Nor will they be able to adjudicate or investigate false claims made by unknown parties.

If this has would be interesting to know how it was resolved.

On Race Relations : A mother cried because her daughter was acting wild and disobeying. This occurred in the past between negroes and white children who were so alike in appearance but very distrusting of each other in many respects. In the movies, it usually was the father who made them aware of his existence and his humanness.

On Performance: To help children stay on task, parents can regulate and control behavior and activities away from impulsiveness.

On Feelings: External feelings are as important as internal ones.

On Inferiority: When men feel inferior about their works, makes him to be in war with himself.

On Black Aesthetic: Pandora's Box causes problems for whites and blacks. And to understand the Black Aesthetic has no relevance to the black community unless it aids men in becoming better than they are.

On Moms: They are always trying to be fair, trying to manage the highs and lows. Plenty of compromises with plenty of time outs. Sometimes feel unappreciated.

Young Moms have that special ingredient. Young moms have power to decipher good from bad. They can find the right words to say or make a comment; a look that the child can relate to and follow. It takes time and patience and intuition to tell if a child's maturity has found the right mate.

Writing freestyle secrets: Judge not someone's work and yours will not be judged. A writer without discernment should not be condemned. A writer who makes mistakes should be forgiven. You know how it is trying to make a sale? One gets so overzealous to impress that the person may steal or kill someone? It's fictional right? Instead of creating characters that you may one day wish you never created, be vigilant - watchful of danger and trouble. Be attentive and observable in real life to choose and test correct ways of writing.

Self-Worth: We need to be structured in our parenting by providing stability, predictability and familiarity. What happens when our child refuses to cooperate with our wishes or demands? Drastic times require drastic measures. Parents who use repetitive commands and make sure the repetitiveness is complete, has more experience to help difficult children, especially ADHD children. That is attention deficient hyperactive disorder. ADHD is not always permanent, children are very manipulative in this stage of their development; ADHD symptoms distinguish their personalities and causes parents frustration and stress. And, parents of these children have kind of the same behaviors as their children.

Final Thoughts: One would seem to have been discriminated against had he given up on something that he did not at first feel responsible for, yet finding held responsible nevertheless. The advice would seem reachable. Don't lie stagnant from the past, don't act as though one can't achieve, that the world is blind to labor, but that one can reach fulfillment.

Does a revolution prove useful when seeking change for a cause?

Does most cities need a march to get legislators to realize an issue needs work?

Does twins you know of seek parental attention regular like other children?

If you like, you can answer any of these questions in the comments?


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