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Pet Peeves of a Preschool Teacher

Updated on August 12, 2012

I've been out of the racket for a few years now, so I think it is safe for me to share with you the Pet Peeves of this Preschool teacher. There are just some things parents do that bother preschool teachers to no end! Being the tactful professionals that we are, we can't just smack a parent upside the head and say "hey! wake up!" (hopefully your teacher doesn't do this.)

You may think to yourself "no way! a parent just wouldn't do that."

You may just sit there and laugh at how outrageous some of these are, but I swear to you, they are all true from my 8 years working as a preschool teacher.

1. Chocolate is NOT a breakfast food!

 There was a child in my class who was brought to school each day with a Hershey's chocolate bar for breakfast.  After months of news letters focusing around the importance of good nutrition and the benefits of breakfast; the parents switched from the chocolate bar to fast food. (a little better, but not much)

A child cannot function on chocolate alone.  For a young mind to learn and grow it needs healthy food.  Vitamins, minerals... For a young body to be able to function properly it needs nuroushment and rest.  Feeding a child junk food for a quick and easy trip out the door for your sake is a horrible excuse. 

2. No flip flops Please!

As cute as those little sandals and flip flops are, and as easy as they are to toss on in the morning, they are NOT a practical shoe for a daycare/preschool setting.

The children have outside play time. If you must put your child in these shoes, at least bring a pair of sneakers or canvas tennis shoes for outside time. Rocks get stuck between their shoes and feet. They are more likely to trip and fall, which increases their chances of twisting an ankle or worse.

In the classroom, flip flops are harder to keep on. They do not have a supporting heel/back structure. They cause distraction and disruption.

Finally there is the hygiene aspect of it. A flip flop does not protect the foot from any foreign substance. If there is a spill at lunch, if one of the children peed on the bathroom floor just before your child uses it and that child did not inform the teacher, if the child sitting next to yours gets sick and vomits... a flip flop does not create a barrier of any kind to protect your child's foot.

As cute as they are, they just are simply NOT a practical shoe choice for preschool.

3. Do not force FAT on your child

 We had a mother of a child who was 9 years old.  This boy weighed more than I did.  She brought him an extra breakfast, extra snack, and extra lunch.  She instructed the teachers to make sure he ate all of the food we provided as well as the food she packed.  Her claim was that she did not believe we supplied enough food in our meals.

This poor boy cried at meal time.  "I don't want to eat it all. I don't want to be fat."

He ate what he could, but felt that his mother would be angry and punish him if he did not finish it all. 

I'm sorry people, but this is just wrong.  You should never force your child to eat so much.

4. Do not wait for your child to cry for you

 I've had countless parents who will prolong their departure in order to see their child become upset at their leaving.  Extra hugs, and unnecessary coddling, provoking responses in order to satisfy their need to know that little Timmy, or little Susy will miss them while they are at work.

You should be happy that you have a well adjusted child who feels safe and comfortable at daycare/preschool.  You should be glad to see they have friends and interests.

Some children actually DO suffer from separation anxiety.  Trying to create it in your child is a purely selfish and unhealthy act.

5. Do not teach your child to be rude

 I had a parent of a picky eater in my class one year, which is fine, I understand that some kids are just picky eaters.  What bothered me was that mom would come into class at lunch time to take her child out to eat once in a while.  She would walk up to the lunch table and say as loud as could be "You don't want to eat that crap. Come on, I'll take you to get some real food."

I'm sorry, this is a horrible lesson in rude behavior and disrespect.  You may be a picky eater, your child may be following in your foot steps, but please, don't impose that upon the rest of the children in the class.  Show a little respect and consideration.


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    • Mom Kat profile image

      Mom Kat 5 years ago from USA

      Thank you for all of your comments & responses. Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. I appreciate all of your insights & input, Thank You!

    • Lapse profile image

      Lapse 6 years ago from East Coast Rules

      Pet peeves are minor annoyances that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to him or her. These aren't those. These are examples of lazy parenting, which is really one of the worst sins a parent can commit against their child and I know you knew that. :-)

      Very interesting hub.

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 6 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      This is a very insightful hub. There are parents who should not be parents in all honesty.

    • Terrylee5151 profile image

      Terrylee5151 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Mom Kat,

      Very nice post... although my baby making days are over... I had to laugh at the chocolate bar for breakfast.

      Before I knew I had candida, I would crave chocolate and sweets to the point that I ate it for meals....instead of my meals. Not good and I know now I made my candida worse.

    • profile image

      houseaz 7 years ago

      As the owner of a preschool I have also thought about writing a book of all the escapades I see/deal with. Great hub!

    • Mom Kat profile image

      Mom Kat 7 years ago from USA

      There were many, many, too many more. I had to stop myself at just these few. I (unfortunatly) could write an entire book on things parents could get smacked upside the head

      oh, and drcrischasse - you can like flip flops all you want. They just aren't safe for the play ground.

    • drcrischasse profile image

      drcrischasse 7 years ago from NH/Foxboro

      Great sound advice!! I do like flip flops though :)

    • lorlie6 profile image

      Laurel Rogers 7 years ago from Bishop, Ca

      Maybe you should have smacked some of these parents upside the head, but as you said...professionalism must prevail. I remember being a tad lazy when it came to parenting my little boy so long ago, but I don't think I'd have been on your poop list!

      Nice to meet you!