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Phrases to Encourage A Child

Updated on July 25, 2018
Karen Hellier profile image

Karen Hellier is a freelance writer and eBay entrepreneur. She lives happily in the mountains of North Georgia with her husband and her dog.

How to Encourage a Child

Children need encouragement if they are to blossom and grow into happy and self-confident adults. Some adults may fear children will "get a big head" if they receive praise. Or, they may not have received praise and encouragement in their own childhood, so don't realize how important it is to give encouragement to their children.

But it is important to encourage children in appropriate ways and settings. What is not helpful is overdoing it on the praise as they may not believe any of it because they hear positive phrases come out of your mouth so often. Or they may start to think they are super-human because they constantly only hear wonderful things from you about their abilities. There can be a happy medium to encourage children. And there are many creative ways of saying encouraging words to children without sounding like the same broken record.

List of Encouraging Phrases

The following list can be used by parents, care providers, teachers, religious class teachers, Scout leaders, youth staff, coaches and anyone else that works with children in any capacity. Please feel free to choose any of these phrases that will work best to encourage the child or children in your life:

* You did that so well!

* You are very creative!

* Thanks for helping me _____

* Spectacular helping!

* You are special / you are special to me!

* I knew you could do it!

* I can tell how hard you tried!

* You are incredible at _________!

* Beautiful work!

* Good job!

* I like your work!

* I love how you used so many colors!

* I enjoy your...( music, artwork, reading to me, etc.)

* You are a treasure!

* My life is better because you're in it!

* You make me smile when I think about how you ____________!

* You make me happy when ___________ !

* Good for you!

* That was a great try!

* You make my heart smile!

* You are unique because _____________ !

* You are so creative!

* Hurray for you!

* I told my friend _________ about how well you __________ !

* I knew you could do it!

* I'm proud of you!

* You made my day!

* You make me feel special!

* What a neat way to do that!

* I thought about you when I was at work today, and it made me smile!

* You are amazing!

* You are my special gift from God!

* I'm glad you are part of our family!

* Our family wouldn't be the same without you in it!

* You are my favorite ___________ ( you fill in the blank...redhead if you only have one, daughter if you only have one, artist, singer, etc.

* I love you (you would be surprised at how many children don't hear this or don't hear it very often)

Add to these comments with a hug or a high five or arm around the shoulders, and you will see your child light up. It only takes a short time to encourage a child, but it can make a difference in a child's life.

Please feel free to add more phrases that have worked for you to encourage children in your life in the comment section.

Encouragement for Children

How Often Do You Encourage the Children in Your Life?

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© 2013 Karen Hellier


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    • profile image

      sarosh kumar 

      8 years ago

      Kids are very sensitive and have to be handled carefully

    • LCDWriter profile image

      L C David 

      8 years ago from Florida

      Just a little bit of positive goes a long way in a parent-child relationship. I think that we all need to remember this. As my children grow I'm beginning to realize just how short a period of time we really have them. I want my kids to grow into positive adults. I think I'll keep a copy of these phrases to remind myself!

    • Jamie Brock profile image

      Jamie Brock 

      8 years ago from Texas

      I have a little one (just turned 5) and I say I love you , great job and a few of the others often to him but after reading this and thinking about it, I think it does help to vary the message by letting him know with different phrases and am going to make a conscious effort to start doing that. Thank you for sharing this.. it really is so important as I rarely ever heard the words I love you when I was a child and I think it really can affect person for life to not get that positive reinforcement at such critical time. Great hub!

    • Ben Zoltak profile image

      Ben Zoltak 

      8 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA

      Well you are amazing.


    • torrilynn profile image


      8 years ago

      Nice hub. I think giving children really good positive statements will help them to be very focused and really help to bring out their creative side. Good. Voted up.

    • profile image

      Hawaiian Odysseus 

      8 years ago

      Hi, Karen!

      It's good to be reminded of how the simple things in life make long lasting impressions...such as these wonderful heartfelt statements. Children are precious--challenging at times, but nevertheless priceless treasures from God. Though mine are all grown up now, I never forget just how blessed I was to have them at home for a season...Thanks for sharing this beautiful hub!

    • cuttler profile image


      8 years ago from HubPages

      Can't wait to have kids of my own...these phrases are just amazing. Thanks for sharing...voted up and useful

    • spiritualhealth11 profile image

      Alina S. 

      8 years ago from Small Mountain Town, ID

      The best teachers and the best parents I have know in my life used these words to help love and encourage my efforts. I think that this can be useful in learning how to treat others in our lives on a daily bases and is great for parents but for the world of people in general. Thanks for your ideas Karen!

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      8 years ago

      A very helpful hub for parents. These positive phrases will only help a child to increase in confidence and to grow well socially.

    • Careermommy profile image

      Tirralan Watkins 

      8 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      I love the theme of this article. I try to use reenforcing, positive words with my kids as much as I can, and you've offered some creative choices to use. Thank you Karen!

    • Karen Hellier profile imageAUTHOR

      Karen Hellier 

      8 years ago from Georgia

      Ben Zoltak,

      Ha ha ha :0) ...your comment made me laugh out loud!!! That was a nice gift on a Wednesday night in the middle of a work week! Good job to you too! Seriously though, thanks for coming by and for the good laugh. I think it is good to read lists like this periodically because one of these phrases may jog a parents memory at just the right time.

    • Ben Zoltak profile image

      Ben Zoltak 

      8 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA

      Beautiful work! Good job! You're a good helper!

      Sorry I couldn't resist. Great list, and I know a lot of parents, young and old, would do well to reread this a few times a year.

      You are amazing!



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