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Planning summer camps for your kids

Updated on March 27, 2011

Summer fun

When summer holidays come around, every child is full of plans and loves the fact that they are getting a break from the monotonous routines of their day to day life. Parents meanwhile secretly heave a sigh of relief that they no longer have to run after kids for grades, breakfast and early morning wake up calls to get them on time to a number of social activities and sports. However, it is important to keep your child engaged during the summer holidays as well and the more creative and interesting avenues you find for them, the greater you can ensure that they will be nourished and enriched by these experiences. Summer camp is one such event that comes around and both parents and kids anticipate a great deal.

If you plan to send your child to summer camp then be sure to check that you send them to one that is age appropriate and also has the right activities that they will enjoy. Every child is made to do his or her own thing. In that respect, you cannot expect that every child will enjoy hiking, trekking climbing and other such activities. If your child is more inclined to make things with their hands or leans towards music or theatre find a summer class they can attend or a camp for art, sculpture, theatre, dance or any number of activities.

The important factors behind sending your child to summer camp should be to give them a break from their routines and hectic school work. A camp with disciplinary regimes and schedules meant for the military don’t quite qualify as a break from school. Let your kids learn at their own pace and form memories that will last them for a lifetime in the process. Find out about the camp you plan to send your kids to, do some check online and through the school about a good camp and look at the counselors who work there as well.  Make sure your child is going to a secure and well designed environment that has the facilities and safety measures that would be needed well in place.

If your child needs extra coaching in some subjects for high school or wishes to acquire a qualification in animation, designing or some such field then try and find ways for them to explore this side of their interest. The more actively you participate, the better it will be for them. If most of their friends are going to a camp for dads and kids and you cannot make it, smothering them with gifts and money instead is not the answer. Take your kid with you on a work trip and try to plan some things to do together. These moments you have with each other will not come back, so leave your child memories to remember. Let your child recall that you took out the time to be with him and he will find time to be with you when you need him most.


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