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Playtex Ortho-Pro Pacifier Review

Updated on April 8, 2009

Very soon after bring home my baby I started her on a pacifier. I know many people are against them but I felt that since babies have a natural need to suck, not just at feeding times, that I would satisfy that need.

I can across the Ortho-Pro pacifier while shopping for an emergency bink for my baby. My daughter had created a tear in her favorite and another one was needed. Stat. I am easily drawn in by pretty packaging and the Ortho-Pro pacifier caught my attention.

Playtex Ortho-Pro
Playtex Ortho-Pro

Ortho-Pro pacifier is an orthodontic pacifier. The Ortho-Pro pacifier is designed specifically to help allow binky using baby’s teeth develop naturally. The stem of the Ortho-Pro pacifier nipple has a curve and is thinner, flatter then regular pacifiers so that when baby chomps down, the gums and teeth come down naturally onto the nipple allowing for less pressure on the gums.

My daughter had a little trouble at first. She didn’t really get the hang of it till the next day. It kept popping out of her mouth, I imagine because she was used to something much bigger.

What I really like about the Playtex Ortho-Pro Pacifier was that hair and fabric strands weren’t getting stuck in it. The bottom of the stem doesn’t have a gap like her NUK so there’s no way for it to build up. I think that was the reason her other ones was getting leaks in them. I was replacing my babies pacifier every 2 or 3 weeks and I think it was from me pulling on the nipple and using my fingernail to pull out the hair.

The Ortho-Pro pacifier does cost a litt more. It seems expensive in terms of pacifier prices but really only by a dollar or 2 and I feel it’s worth it. Ours came with a pacifier holder. From what I've seen, occasionally you can find them with these in stores. It’s a lot like a retainer case only in better colors. There are holes on one side to allow it to breath and air out so that there isn’t any moisture which can allow bacteria to breed. If you find them separately, I highly recommend buying the pacifier holder no matter what pacifier you baby uses.

You can get the Playtex Ortho-Pro Pacifier in either boy or girl colors. There is a level 1 for infants up to 6 month and a level 2 for sitters or babies 6 months and older.

My daughter, very attached to her Ortho-Pro pacifier
My daughter, very attached to her Ortho-Pro pacifier

A Permanent Switch

When I originally wrote this, I had just switched my daughter to the Ortho-Pro pacifier. She was probably just under one years old at the time. My girl continued to use a pacifier until she was just over 3. I was so happy with the Ortho-Pro pacifier that whenever I needed to buy new pacifiers, I always bought these. In fact, when there was a sale I stocked up to replace the ones this germaphobe mom felt had seen their last days. this Ortho-Pro pacifier review says if you kid uses a pacifier, at least give these a try.


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    • profile image

      candy girl 8 years ago

      I am also a fan of the ortho-pro pacifier. my daughter is 7 months old and has been using them eversince she was about 1 month old.