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Popular Baby Names | Most Common Baby Names in the Philippines

Updated on September 12, 2012

The most popular baby names vary depending on the country and religion. The most popular name in the world is Mohammed, This is the name of Muslim Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). One of the reason why Mohammed became the most popular name in the world because fellow Muslim brothers, those who belong to Islam religion have a very unique way on giving baby names to their sons and daughters. In the middle east, A baby girl or baby boy, carries the name of their father and grand father, that is why, almost everybody has the name of Mohammed.


First Name: Mohammed

Fathers Name: Mohammed

Grand fathers name: Mohammed

Family Name:

If the parents decided to name their baby "Mohammed" and the father has a name of Mohammed same with grandfather. The baby will be named, Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed and the Last Name or Surname. Same goes if she was a girl and her first name was "Fatima", her name would be Fatima Mohammed Mohammed followed by her Family name.

For girls the 3 most popular names in the world are

  1. Fatima - Fatima is Mohammed's daughter which is widely respected and love by Muslim.
  2. Aisha - Mohammed's beloved wife. Her name often prefixed, Mother of the believers.
  3. Maria - Mother of Jesus Christ. In Arabic it is Maryam, It is also popular name in Qatar and other middle east countries.

In my country, Philippines, almost all the girls have Maria on their name, and until now, mothers still like to give their daughters name Maria, and to make Maria shorter, It is usually written as Ma. followed by a second name and surname.

In some areas, sometimes the popular name depends on the current trend and situation. If someone is popular, mothers decide to give that name to his or her child. Usually the name of popular celebrities even on abroad or other countries affect the trend of names in the Philippines.


Most Common | Most Popular Names in the Philippines

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Having First name and Second name

To give our children with not so common names, we can combine two names, or two popular names like

For Boys

  1. Mark Anthony
  2. Aldrin Jose
  3. Hanz Edward
  4. Sean Paulo
  5. Zach Nathaniel

For Girls

  1. Maria Bianca
  2. Rose Angela
  3. Mary Anne
  4. Fatima Ella
  5. Pamela Chloe

The advantage of using a popular name are

  1. It is easy to understand and memorize the name.
  2. The correct spelling and pronunciation are already establish.
  3. It is really beautiful name because it was acknowledge by many and people are always using the name.

The disadvantages of using a popular name are

  1. The name was too common, he will not be the only John or Peter in school.
  2. Difficult to get clearance certificate because of similar names to those who have unlawful cases.
  3. Popular names should fit on the babies character and personality.


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    • My2GreenBeans profile image

      My2GreenBeans 5 years ago from Tennessee

      Thanks for the insight. I think that is how it initially began. The first names of my husband’s siblings are on your “fairly” common list. Their children however have names which would be considered “unique” and were not born in the Philippines anyway. So, perhaps for them it was tradition. My husband parents were married in the church long before they had kids. He is next to youngest of five. So, I guess his claim to “not have a middle name” is just a funny thing he likes to say because he feels cheated he didn’t get a “proper” middle name and only got his mother’s maiden name while his brothers and sisters received both a middle name AND their mother’s maiden name. Still, your explanation was much better than anything else I have had so far, so thank you!! I frequently say, I wish when I got married someone handed me “a guidebook” to customs in the Phillippines. More hubs on Filipino/Filipina customs please!!! :-)

    • profile image

      Deb Welch 5 years ago

      I voted this Hub Up, Useful and Interesting. I don't know that much about the Phillipines and names. In the US - the favorite new girl names (first or middle) are Isabella,Emily, Sophia, Emma, Abigail, Madison, Olivia, Chloe, Ava, Mia - Boys - Jacob, Alexander, Ethan, Noah, Michael, Daniel, Jayden, Aiden, William, & Anthony.

    • bougainvillea profile image

      bougainvillea 5 years ago

      In the Philippines, the middle name was also referred to mother’s maiden surname, example:

      Given Name or First Name: Camile

      Mother’s Maiden Surname (Middle Name) : Millano

      Family Name or Last Name (Fathers Surname) : Cana

      The name is written as: Camile Millano Cana

      But when we go to school, usually we do not write our whole middle name, we just get the first letter and we called it, middle initial, so the name will be, Camile M. Cana

      Regarding the name Mark Anthony, Mark represent the first name, Anthony is the second name. Mark Anthony's Mother's maiden surname will still be the middle name, even if Mark Anthony has a third name, like Mark Anthony Yuan, His Mother’s maiden surname will still be called middle name, funny but it’s true.

      Others prefer to call their son Anthony instead of Mark because Mark is very common name, when he grow up and go to school, there will be around 3 boys named Mark on the classroom. Maria is also a very common first name in the Philippines. Due to changing trend, and adopting Western or American Names, Maria is usually followed by a second or even third name, examples are, Maria Sophia Stephanie followed by Middle Name (Mother’s maiden Surname) and then Last Name given by the father.

      Only on the year 1990's the second and third name were became highly popular, but prior to that year, only girls named Maria usually have second names.

      Mother’s maiden name only counts as middle name if someone has father’s surname. If I was was not recognize by my father or if I was born during the time when the law doesn’t allow to affix the fathers surname if the baby was born out of wedlock, instead new babies will only allow to have mother’s maiden surname, my name will not have a middle name, I will only have 1 surname, my name will be Camile Millano, even if my name would be “Maria Camile Millano”, I will not have a middle name because I only have my mother’s maiden name which also represent my surname or family name, I can't have my father's surname. Maria is the first name, Camile is the second name, Millano is my Mother’s Maiden surname.

      There was a law before that child who were born out of wedlock will not have a middle name, their last name will be their mother’s maiden surname, but that law was cancelled, nowadays, even if the child were born out of wedlock so long their father acknowledge them as their child and the father affix his signature on the birth certificate, the child can have the surname of the father, therefore they can have a middle name which is their mother’s maiden surname.

      Philippines carry the surname of their mother and father. After the wedding, female names change, the mother’s maiden surname will be gone, her surname will become her new middle name, and her new family name or surname will be the same from her husband.

      Example, My name when I was single was Camile Millano Cana, After I got married, My name became Camile Cana Arinuelo. My mothers maiden surname, Millano are gone. To make it shorter, I often write my name as “Camile C. Arinuelo” But if I was born out of wedlock or I was not recognize by my father, I will still carry my mothers maiden surname, example, my name was Camile Millano, after getting married, I will became Camile Millano Arinuelo.

    • My2GreenBeans profile image

      My2GreenBeans 5 years ago from Tennessee

      I have a 2 part question regarding naming trends in the Philippines that I am hoping you can shed some light on for me. I married to a man from the Philippines and have noticed that at least among his family members when the parents choose a first & middle name, they then call the child by their middle name only, skipping the first name. For me, I wonder then, why they don’t reverse the order of the names if they prefer to call the child by the middle name. Using your example names, “Mark Anthony” would be called Anthony and “Maria Bianca” would be called “Bianca”. It is not a case of the first name having special significance either like family name/saints name like your first paragraph. My second question, you may not be able to answer at all as it may be relative only to my husband and not to the general population. My husband informs me in addition to having a First name & Middle Name it is common practice to include the mother’s maiden as an additional “second name” prior to the Last or Surname. His mother did not give him a middle name only her maiden name. Therefore his insists he has no middle name. Is this a common thought, that a mother’s maiden name does not “count” as a middle name? Thanks for your insight into my curiosity!