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Potty Training Essentials: What to Prepare

Updated on September 5, 2016

Are you prepared to start the potty training session for your child? During my previous posts I have talked about tips and tricks to do potty training within few days or even potty train in a weekend if you are sure enough your child is ready. You are ready and your child is ready so check this list we gathered before you start.

Choosing the Best Potty Chair

Of course, the main tool for this session is the potty chair. Potty chairs are designed in many ways but just the same size for little kids to undergo the learning process. Here are some advantages of buying a potty chair:

  • It comes handy and you can carry it anywhere during short trips. It can also be put anywhere in the house from the bedroom to the living room or just place it at the bathroom.
  • It is less dangerous than the bathroom toilet where you have to assist your child every time. This will help him seat on his own and a safer place for him to stay while you can do other chores and he is waiting for the pee or his poop to come out.
  • It is just the right size for your child making him more comfortable.

When choosing a potty chair, you have to consider these features too:

  • Durability – when it comes to buying housewares, we always check the best quality. This applies the same when choosing a potty chair for our child. We should check its product make and make sure that it will not easily break or trip.
  • Special Features - there are potty chairs designed simply for potty training only but has toilet paper holder, compartments and drawers. During his 10-15 minutes stay on the potty chair, he will surely find for some other activities to do. You can put books or activity toys in the drawers or compartments.
  • Back Rest – check for a potty chair with a back rest preferably higher so that he can rest his back there too preventing him from getting tired earlier than the recommended period of time he should sit there. It also helps if your potty training involves watching movies.
  • Multi-purpose – Potty chairs today have features like it can also have removable seat cover which can be used on the toilet. This is especially helpful during the transition stage where he is ready to sit on adult toilet bowls. Others are also convertible to stool he can use to step up the toilet bowl.

Look for a Seat Reducer

Seat reducers are one of the essential tools needed during potty training. It also comes portable and can be carried when going out. Some children want to sit directly on toilet bowls because they get excited about it. It converts the toilet bowl seat into a size just enough to fit their little butts so it will prevent them from falling.

Some Good Features of a Seat Reducer includes:

  • Adjustable to fit the toilet seat
  • A secure fit that will prevent from wiggling
  • A hand grip for your child to hold on to when climbing up and down
  • Built-in foot rest to prevent the legs from hanging
  • Removable splash guards for little boys so that you can remove when they want to pee only

What are the Clothes to Prepare?

  • Underwear/Underpants

Take your child with you when shopping and let him choose his best choice of underwear. It will motivate him to use it rather than the diapers. Underpants can also be an option as it helps them feel wet when they pee unlike the diapers. In this manner, he will think of going to the potty instead of peeing in his pants.

  • Easy Wear Pants

During potty training, prepare pants that are easy to wear. Keep first those pants with zippers, their rompers and jumpsuits and let him use gartered pants that are easy to put on and get off.

Other Potty Training Essentials

Aside from the above mentioned needs, there are other things to consider too such as:

  • Potty Training eBook or Books – There are helpful guides in for this activity that are sold like the Potty Training: (Revised and Expanded 3rd Edition) by Jennifer Nicole. It includes other tips and key success factors in order for you to successfully potty train your children. There are also other books sold that are similar to this which you can buy in a form of book or eBook.
  • Stool – If you haven’t bought a potty chair that comes convertible as a stool, you have to prepare a stool for your child to use when he is ready to use the adult toilet bowl. He will use it to step up and down the bowl.
  • Hand Soap – Buy a child-friendly hand soap he can use to wash his hand. Another training he will get here is he will learn to wash his own hands and will always keep in mind good hygiene.
  • Toilet Paper – Prepare toilet tissue near his potty chair or buy a plumb safe wipes. Wipes can clean faster than dry tissues which are a bit messier.
  • Mattress Cover – You wouldn’t want the whole mattress to get wet during the process so you have to buy a mattress cover which have waterproof bottom so that pee cannot get through to your mattress. There are also available bed covers that come with this feature.
  • Cleaning Supplies – Prepare all necessary supplies like extra rags, towels, disinfectants and other cleaning materials like mops in cases of accidents like tripping of potty chair.

Listed above are just some of the necessities to be prepared in case you want to do potty training in less than a day or more. Remember, the best weapon you need to have before starting the session is enough patience. Good luck to your potty training success!


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    • charlynjune profile image

      Charlyn June 11 months ago from Philippines

      I feel you.. Though, I didn't have such hard time but I also experienced changing sheets every now and then and cleaning here and there..

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 11 months ago from Home Sweet Home

      Ah I wish I had read this hub 10 years ago....

      I had a hard time potty training by kids, always leaking here and there, fixing them wasn't easy