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Preschool - Franchisee or start on your own?

Updated on March 29, 2013

Preschool franchisee or start your own?

Which way is better? Shall i buy a preschool franchisee and unburden myself? or, Shall I open a playschool all by myself and be my own boss? Surely a confusion there but proper planning and some research will certainly be of great help. In both the ways starting a playschool is a very good and lucrative business opportunity which surely gives very high return of investment and is growing day by day.

Firstly and very important is to realize that why you are entering into a preschool business. Is it your love for children or is it only money that you want or is it both?

If your aim is only money than no need of confusion as franchisee is the best option. But if you are really inclined towards small kids and want to make a difference in the regular system and curriculum then venturing all by your own is a better idea.

Both have there advantages and disadvantages but what i read on internet mostly gives us an impression that franchisees is a better option. Why? May be because you only have to care about few things like finding a property at a potential area and of course, investment for the property will be all yours and it has nothing to do with franchisee fees, second is probably the staff which you have to find out and employ, third is to follow the companies terms and conditions and keep on advertising and marketing to let the people know about your particular franchisee.

After purchasing a franchisee the company provides infrastructure, curriculum and helps in promoting your school. After every one year or 3 years you need to renew your franchisee. And that's it, all done, quiet easy but for this you need a good amount of initial investment.

One can call it a simple way to open a preschool and to start everything on your own is a difficult task but it comes with freedom of everything and gradually attains success as well.

Advantages of starting a preschool on your own -

1. Of course, not to mention you are your boss so you have complete freedom of everything.

2. Freedom of incorporating your ideas in you own ways, you are not answerable to anybody.

3. Freedom of introducing any new concept of teaching in your curriculum at any time without any need to take permission from anybody.

5. You don't have to worry about the target as even if you have 5-10 kids in the beginning, that should be okay for for you.

5. Even if initially you are not getting your return of investment you are free to open after school hobby or art classes.

6. Free to choose the infrastructure of school and even the name of the school will be of your choice.

7. You can open a small preschool with minimum investment that your pocket allows.

Problems that you might face initially -

1.Matters like laws, legal permissions, license and registration are few areas for which you really need help and knowledge.

2.From where to purchase infrastructure for the school?

3.Designing curriculum is also bit of a task and you need to decide on whether to follow the regular curriculum or Montessori system of educating kids or both.

4.Find a suitable location where you see lot of potential but it should have low traffic movement.

5.Find trained staff and creating a complete child friendly environment.

6.Decide on whether you will provide transportation or not?

Rather than giving so much money to the franchisee its better to invest that money in marketing and publicity of your school. Starting a playschool all on your own is bit of a challenging task but proper planning and passion plus your love for children will definitely bring success. All those companies offering franchisees also started from a scratch and now in a position to offer franchisees. All those who decides to open a playschool on their own are really appreciable. Once you are done with the few initial problems you are free to run your playschool you way and you ensure that you will provide quality education and generate awareness in parents on quality versus the polished commercial playschool.

So all you need to do is,

  • Find a location,
  • Complete legal formalities,
  • Buy reasonable infrastructure,
  • Plan curriculum,
  • Plan investment and limitation,
  • Employ few but trained staff,
  • Keep doing regular promotion.

Playschool business is best suited for housewives as they relate easily with kids. They get good income by pending just 3-4 hours of time each day. Previous education in the field will be a plus point and if you have more time then you can run your school in two shifts. You can also start art and craft evening or weekend classes for children in the same premises. Organize weekly workshops to generate general awareness in parents on the importance of playschools in their child's life and for the overall development.

In the field of playschools there are many players offering franchisee and the number is increasing but the breakthrough is to take the challenge and do everything on your own.


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