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Probiotic Drops for Soothing Colic in Your Baby

Updated on November 29, 2008

Infants are born with a brand new digestive system. While in utero they did not have to digest breast milk or formula. They were warm, comfortable, and received the pefect amount of food via their mother. However, upon birth they must start taking in food and digesting it. Often their immature digestive system causes them to have spasms and gas that can lead to pain for your newborn. Nothing is worse than feeling like a helpless parent watching your little bundle of joy crying unconsolably.

Babies who cannot be consoled are often said to have colic. Colicky babies are ones who cry for 3 hours or more a day and cannot be consoled with cuddling, gas drops, or any other measure.

Good news. Scientific studies have been done on a product called Bio Gaia. These are probiotic drops that improve the digestive systems ability to digest by promoting beneficial bacteria. These drops are administered daily to the baby. Many parents have reaped significant benefits within a week. After taking the drops for 28 days, infants' crying times decreased by nearly two-thirds.

Many pediatricians are starting to recognize the product as something that really works in treating colic and are suggesting it to parents. You can order it on line or check with a local pharmacy specializing in children's medicine.


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