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Problems Encountered by a Teenager and Possible Solutions

Updated on February 15, 2010


Problems Encountered by a Teenager and Possible Solutions

A teenager is a sort of "No man's land" as described by a psychologist. He is in an awkward stage. He is neither adult nor child. Yet he is both child and adult being influenced at times by childlike behavior and at times by adult. He is too young to do some things and too old to do others. A teenager today tends to be more confused, less calm and less sure of his values and goals. He often meets problems in the process of growing up.

1.    Physical Health

.    a. Appetite and Activity

It is not surprising that your mother often had to coax you to eat when you were a child. Now that you are a teenager, your appetite increases enormously that you will eat almost anything. The process of rapid growth causes the body to use more energy, need more nourishment and demand more food. The increased activities you get involved in enhances your appetite.

The freedom you are given to spend your food allowance allows you to eat "junk foods." You have little time to eat properly because of your increasing activities like sports, projects, and staying up late. Remember that your body needs a balanced diet, including meat, milk, fruits and vegetables.

Sometimes you are overcome by your growing appetite and you tend to eat too much and eat too many sweets. This may cause you to become overweight. Being "pretty fat" can worry you especially when boys want to be popular with girls and young girls want to look their very best.

This poor eating habit can be remedied if the family will serve well-balanced diet at home.


b.    Skin and Good Grooming

Part of your physical change is your skin. You will notice that you begin to perspire more heavily now as your body grows and becomes more active. Odor can develop if perspiration is exposed to the air on your skin and acted upon by various bacteria. This is where your problem begins. You may also have pimple problems and other skin rashes. Don't worry about these. You have had your lessons on good grooming and health habits in our previous unit. If you follow all the health and beauty habits discussed in our past lesson, then that will help and guide you to a better good-looking you.


Communications Breakdown

One of the problems during teenage stage is keeping the lines of communication open. You are often passive; sometimes negativistic. Fur­thermore, the usual communication pattern is to listen to lectures regard­less of what the teenagers have to say. The mothers also ignore their teenagers, and have time only to ask them occasional questions. The passive teenagers tend to "close-up" most of the time.

Parents and teenagers should have a dialog to discuss matters that affect the family. Problems can be solved through constant and open communication. Remember your parents should be your best friends. They can help you in all your problems. Your welfare is always their foremost concern.

Emotional Problems

Emotional changes also take place as there are physical changes. You may have highs and lows. Sometimes you feel on top of the world with happiness. But there are also times when you feel the world would fall apart and you are weighed down with problems.                                  

Your changeable behavior and feelings affect others in the family as well as yourself. Your other brothers and sisters may find you hard to deal with sometimes. A little understanding goes a long way during this period, on your part and the part of your family. You should understand the causes for your ups and downs and you should not be confused by them. You may handle them better by controlling them and accepting them as part of your growing up. Positive communication and a loving and accepting attitude from your parents will surely help solve your problems.


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