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Puberty Books for Girls

Updated on September 26, 2009

Puberty. Not something most parents look forward to explaining, but something you're going to have to cope with, regardless. If you're not a born orator or a natural teacher, do yourself a big favor and get yourself a good book to make things easier on both you and your daughter. Some girls will be cool with mom or dad sitting down to explain breasts, the sudden appearance of hair, new body odors and the like -- but most of them won't feel any more comfortable than you at the time of that conversation. And if you're a single dad these books will probably save you a lot of gray hair, so grab a few and pass them on. Do make yourself available for questions and comments, which these books will probably lead to, but the bulk of the embarrassing stuff can be very well explained by these talented authors.

What's Happening to My Body?

Lynda Madaras has published a LOT of books on Sex Education for kids. This particular book is quite big (300+ pages!) and is intended for girls in grades 4 through 8. This book may have more info than you want your Tween to have, but if that's the case you can censor it yourself and let her read those bits when she's a bit older. If your daughter is already a teen, she'll be happy to read it herself and get answers to all those questions she couldn't pluck up the courage to ask you.

Care and Keeping of You (Girls)

The Care and Keeping of you is a great book for teaching girls about hygiene, healthy eating, menstruation, breasts and bras, zits and more! It does not, however, cover the topic of sex so you'll want to supplement that conversation with something else. It's a great book for Tweens who are just about at the age where personal hygiene becomes very important on many levels as this book covers everything you'd want to discuss about it.

Ready, Set, Grow! (Girls)

Ready, Set, Grow! is meant for young girls in grades 3 to 6. Whether your daughter has entered puberty earlier or is still waiting for that magic moment, this book will explain everything she needs to know about those body changes. There are, however, a few topics parents may want to censor depending on age and previous knowledge (self gratification, for example) but if your daughter is old enough to read that sort of thing you'll probably want her to. If it's a taboo topic in your home, some parents have suggested removing that particular page. Otherwise, it's regarded as a very useful and educational book for girls.

My Body, My Self

Another Lynda Madaras book! This one actually has worksheets and journal pages that are helpful for encouraging young girls to talk about their feelings, express them in a cohesive fashion and then hopefully discuss them with mom or dad when the need arises. The book is well-received by Tweens as young as 9 and still appeals to girls as old as 12 and beyond.

Puberty Survival Guide for Girls

The Puberty Survival Guide for Girls was written by a Gynecologist and is meant to offer reassurance before and during puberty. It's presented in Q & A format and covers the topics of pimples, getting your period, growth spurts, anatomy, dietary needs and exercise. This book is geared toward girls ages 9 to 12.


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