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Quarantined Mom Life

Updated on April 4, 2020
taylerangele94 profile image

Mama to two beautiful children. My living son Grayson, and my daughter in heaven, Mila. I hope to share our story in a way that helps others

Family Bike Ride.  Tayler (left) Gray (middle) Arfan (right)
Family Bike Ride. Tayler (left) Gray (middle) Arfan (right)

SAHM By Choice VS. Quarantined Mom By Force

The days are starting to run together amidst the global pandemic plaguing the world right now. When 2020 began I was so optimistic about what the year would present and how much I could accomplish. Never in a million years did I expect to spend so much of it quarantined in my home with a wild toddler of my making and a virus taking over every day life. But here we are. So I thought it might be fun to share my 24 hour account of quarantine with you hopes it makes you feel better about yours. Or at least make you laugh.

I am one of those people who unintentionally measure my worth with productivity. So this has been a challenging time for me mentally and as a mother. I’m sure so many can relate to feeling like nothing is getting done right now while at home with kiddos running wild. I have to remind myself to be optimistic way more than usual and I’m coming to terms that I may not be as introverted as I thought, because damn I miss people.

“Rise” and Shine

Let’s just go ahead and jump into it, six in the morning, here we go. My boyfriend is considered “essential” and I am a mom so sleeping in just doesn’t happen around here-even during a quarantine. The toddler-babble version of “my cup” or “juice, juice, juice” is coming at me in full force before my glasses are on my face. A diaper change is top priority at this point as our sheets are on the damp side, yay co-sleeping. By the time my feet hit the ground, “juice” has already been replaced with “Mickey mouse” as I stubble to the kitchen to pour Gray his cup of milk. I then flip on Disney plus, knowing damn well that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse will play on repeat until 2pm today, at least.

Now Arfan is off to work, the mess from breakfast has been cleared away, and I steal a few minutes of peace on the couch before I actually start being “productive”. I hit play on one of my favorite podcasts, shout out Rachel Hollis, and scroll on my social media apps for a bit. So I feel a little more connected to adult people, while my little person is enthralled by Mickey in my lap.

Y’all Thought I Was Surviving This Without Espresso?

Living two and a half hours away from most of your family and friends is already enough social distancing for any stay at home mom. Now that only to-go orders are available, I keep myself sane with my mid morning Starbucks run. I know, I know, it doesn’t exactly sound essential-but it coincides with Gray’s nap for the day and without it we are both miserable people to encounter. I sit in our driveway with my podcast of choice cranked up on the radio and drink my coffee while he finishes out his nap.

Once back inside, I dress little man for outside play-whatever that consists of that day. Most days we hop on the bicycle or in the stroller for some exercise around our neighborhood. “Bike ride” has become another phrase in our household that is uttered a hundred times a day. I feel really blessed to live where we do daily, but during a pandemic it has proven to be even more of a god send. The nature trails winding miles around have absolutely been our sanctuary in the past weeks. When mom is good and worn out we head home for lunch. Which lately has been a smucker’s pb&j that has been thawing on the glass top since breakfast.

Chalk, Tik Tok, & Tigers

Dishes. Load of laundry. Diaper change. Wipe down counter tops. Sweep. Get Gray more juice. Press play on another episode of M.M.C.H. , get sucked into Pinterest while my toddler climbs my body like a jungle gym. I worry I might turn our whole house upside down if I don’t pry myself away from the home decor and diy pins so I take Gray to the backyard with the side walk chalk. I let him go to town on the patio while I take a scheduled work call from my PA about the book.

At this point in the day, my patience is usually shot, and we are expecting Arfan home in the next hour or so. I gather myself and practice a little Yoga, I’m a novice but sometimes it calms my anxiety to try. We have been utilizing Netflix most evenings, so yes we already finished Tiger King. As well as a lot of family bike rides and pub subs to-go from the little shop on our bike trail. We have reshaped what our life looks like so much in the past weeks at home. Like so many have had no choice but to do. Y’all, I got a Tik Tok, I have no business having one but here we are-thanks Corona.

The Wine Pairs Well With Chocolate and Cheetos

Once we are settled in for the night and Gray Gray is tucked into bed, this mama has at least one glass of wine. Okay, okay maybe the other night it was one bottle of wine (since the man who encountered it would totally call me on my bullshit with this one). I have my wine and we hang out on the couch for some lazy adult time before heading to bed ourselves, usually breaking out the good quarantine snacks first.

I hope all you mamas are hanging in there and finding joy in this time of uncertainty too. Keeping busy has helped me so much, as well as planning for my book launch and Gray’s second birthday party. What has helped you to cope lately? Are you giving yourself grace even during unproductive days? Are your dishes also relentless since this started, because mine haven’t stopped piling up even for a minute, and I’m just going to go ahead and place the blame on that bitch, Carole Baskin.

© 2020 Tayler A Rich


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