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Rainy Day Activities

Updated on March 17, 2011

I’ve received some requests as to what we can do outside with, or without, children on rainy days.  My focus has primarily been indoor ideas, but I have a few outdoor ideas too.

When I was young, a friend handed out cards that were printed with “Member of Puddle Jumpers”.  There was a small blurb of the requirements to join the club, which was, simply, to jump into as many puddles as possible during a rain storm.  When we achieved 100 puddles, we received new cards printed with “Lifetime Member of Puddle Jumpers”.  Don on the raincoats, rubber boots and waterproof pants, and jump into as many puddles as you and the children can possibly manage.

Walking in the rain was always an experience.  I live in Northern Canada, and the rain that pours down is extremely cold. I never understood the impact of the cold rain on my face until I lived in the warm state of Texas in the United States.  Walking in the rain took on a new meaning.  I was amazed the first time I took a stroll in the rain:  it was so warm, just like a warm shower.  I felt like a little kid again.  Children love walking in the rain carrying an oversized umbrella.   Or, take a risk, and let them walk without one so they can enjoy the rain splashing on their faces.  The smile on their faces will speak a thousand words to you. 

Lightning and thunderstorms are my favourite.  I live near a river and there is a mountain range across the river.  During the spring, summer and fall seasons, it is not uncommon to watch the dark clouds roll across the horizon and approach the river.  With the dark clouds, often there is lightning and thunder.  In the evenings, we pull up chairs outside on the porch and watch the lightning show across the river.  Sometimes, these shows last for hours and are electrifying to watch as no two shows are the same.  Children are fascinated by lightning and the sound of thunder.  Their fears are reduced to rubble as they watch from a safe distance and can see how beautiful lightning can be. 

During a light sprinkling of rain, the children have a contest amongst themselves to see who can spot the first rainbow, the second rainbow, double rainbows or the brightest rainbow.  Quite often, they put on their rubber boots and grab an umbrella and head outside.  Sometimes, my daughter and I head out to the barn and grab our horses for a walk through the forest or meadow.  In the forest, we stop under the canopy of trees and listen to the raindrops fall on the foliage and trickle down the trunks of the trees.   The freshness of the forest is an awakening for the spirit. 

The rain is a wonderful part of nature.  It feeds, it nurtures and it cleanses.  Bring the rain and let it be a part of your life.


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