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Whose The Perfect Parent?

Updated on May 8, 2015

The Perfect Parent 411

Some of you may not realize this, but there is no such thing as being the "perfect parent"; Even though all parents think they are, wish they were, or wish they had one in their childhood. Every parent has their own set guidelines for parenting, styles and even a crazy set schedule to help keep themselves and their children busy. Whatever parenting style you choose is your own and should not be judged by outsiders. It's your life, your children and your rules, right? Wrong, as a matter of fact there are parents today being criticized, bashed, harassed and even having their children removed from their homes because of their parenting style. Why do you think this is?

No matter the reason for what is going on in America today when it comes to parenting, there is no call for any of it (at least in my opinion.) In most of these cases I am talking about the parents who choose to home school their children, not vaccinate their children, un-school their children or live off the grid so to speak are the ones being targeted the most. On almost a daily basis I have articles pass through my social networking sites about families going through this exact thing. What has happened in this country to the point where parents are no longer able to be the parents they want to be? What exactly is it that these targeted parents are doing so wrong to deserve such harsh punishments?

This is where "parenting styles" comes into play. Some parents believe that everything that is going on in the world today such as money=power, technology and video gaming, rap and hip hop music, and even some if not most all t.v shows just isn't what they have/had in mind when it comes to teaching their children valuable lessons in life. Can you blame them? Personally I agree with them. Children need time to be children, not worrying about the struggles, the rent payment, their first boyfriend/girlfriend at age 9, or how to "twerk" in the club like their mama. Parents who are choosing to live a different type of lifestyle outside from what everyone else is doing, just has different values in life that they want to teach their children. It shouldn't be viewed as a threat from outsiders, but as an inspiration for others to take a stand in their own values and what is important to them.

The point of the matter is there are certain things that should just be left alone and parenting is one of those things. If you choose to home school/un-school that is your choice as a parent. If you choose to raise your kids off the grid, teaching them how to be self sustainable than great! And, if you choose to raise your kids in the city and lead a, what most people call a "normal" life than have at it. There is nothing wrong with different parenting lifestyles, matter of fact this will continue until we are all dead and gone because everyone has and always will be entitled to their opinion on what's best for their child. Instead of worrying about what other parents aren't doing with or for their kids, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what is it that you can do and will do for your child to make a difference.

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This article is dedicated to all those families and parents out there that have been harassed, ridiculed, embarrassed and or otherwise compromised in any sort of way because of the beliefs of others and their opinions. Keep doing whatever it is that you are doing because obviously it is making a difference. Hats off to you !

My two oldest children at the Gorge in Ohio
My two oldest children at the Gorge in Ohio | Source

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Extra Information

  • According to the U.S Department of Education in 2013 states that 1,770,000 or 3.4% of the school aged population is home schooled. Reference:
  • Chris Jeub

    "Home schooling neither isolates children nor harms their academic growth; it does, however, come close to the true definition of education: the passing down of culture." Reference:

Home Schooling


Home School Recess @ My House

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