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Why Your Baby Might be Crying and How to Soothe Your Baby

Updated on November 5, 2015

Reasons why Babies Cry

When a baby’s crying, it can make one uncomfortable, especially when you have tried all you could to stop him/her from crying. When babies cry sometimes, one would be wondering why? Below are some of the various reasons; why babies cry, most at times, uncontrollably. There is one certain thing, which you should know, crying is the only way a baby communicate, or relate their displeasure or need at any point in time to their mothers or guidance.

Babies cry for numerous reasons and not limited to the below listed reasons. Note that what works for one baby may not work for another baby, its different strokes for different folks.

- When the baby is hungry

- When the baby excrete or urinate on himself or herself

- When he or she is not comfortable with a particular weather temperature

- When he or she has offset stomach or any form of ill health

- When his or her mother is not happy (babies are very sensitive, before crying he or she might have stared at his or her mother’s face and when there is no warm smile, he or she may feel insecure, hence, he or she will start crying)

- When the baby is seeing some scaring object or feeling the presence of an unseen subject.

- When he or she needed attention or when he/she wants to play but nobody is within reach

- If the cloth the baby is wearing is too tight.

- When there is unnecessary loud noise or sound.

- A baby might cry when he or she want to fall asleep.

Generally, it is unbearable watching your cute, thinning baby cry. I have listed some possible practical ways of making sure that he or she does not cry in such a way that could break your heart.

I could remember vividly, when I was ten, my elder sister who got married and gave birth to a baby, a lovely baby at that, and she told me to watch the baby while she rushed to the market to get some food stuff.

At first, I was very happy to hold the baby but few minutes later, she started crying, I gave her water, she refused to drink, I carry her and stood up, her voice become louder. I hold her, and started walking around the room, she did not stop crying. When I got tired, I gently laid her on the bed and started crying since I did not know what else to do, funny right?

Cute crying baby.
Cute crying baby. | Source

I am sure so many teenagers or even some mothers have gotten to this point when you have exhausted all effort to curb your baby from crying to no avail.

I have listed some tips, which would help any mother or guidance taking care of a baby, to be able to take care of her baby to avoid excessive crying. Note that excessive crying can lead to illness.

- Keep timing on when to feed your baby. They are not like an adults who can be okay with three square meals per day, they eat between 2 - 3 hours intervals, depending on your baby.

- Babies crave for attention often. Sometimes they need you to cuddle him or her. If he or she need your attention and you are given him or her food, firstly, he or she will vomit it and secondly his or her cry will intensify by 90%

- Babies’ likes to play a lot, your baby might be crying because he or she needed to play, all you need to do, is to study your baby know what he or she like. And depending on his or her age, between a day to 3 months old may not recognize a toy, all you need to do, is to sing lullaby, any soothe songs to him or her, you can as well read an interesting kids book like Corduroy by Don Freeman then from four (4) months upward would like to play without him or her or give your baby to play through doing that you could recognize the type toy your baby like to play with because the might reject some toys.

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Reasons why babies cry

Happy Mother and Her Baby
Happy Mother and Her Baby | Source

Why Babies cry

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Tips on how to stop a baby from crying

- A baby can be crying because he or she is sick. Monitoring a baby’s temperature often would help you to find out how your baby is feeling at every point in time. If its offset stomach, after administering the right medicine, lay him or her down on his or her stomach and gently massage his or her back, that would help to relief the pain.

- If the baby wake up and start crying probably because he or she had a nightmare, you can reassure your baby that he or she is safe by saying these words, “I am here with you my baby, you are safe” “nothing will happen to you” and cuddle him or her, babies hearing those words would relaxed and occasionally he or she will fall asleep again

- It is not known why babies cry when they are about to fall asleep though they don’t cry all the time before falling asleep, sometimes also they can fall asleep without crying. However, I think they cry because they do not understand nature yet or what is happening to them, you know, they want to play but they are feeling dizzy then out of fear or confusion they sob or cry signifying that they are not all right with the situation, which they seem unable to control. All you need to do is to soothe or sing to him or her until he or she finally fall asleep.

- Check the baby’s diaper to know if he or she has excreted (poo) or urinated on it, it might just be the reason he/she is crying.

- A baby can be crying because of a tight cloth, if he or she cannot move freely because of the cloth, he or she complains by crying. Therefore, cloth a baby with a cloth suitable for his or her body size.

- A baby’s body is very fragile especially newborn babies, consequently, dress him or her according to the weather conditions. Be conscious of the room temperature for the sake of the baby, when the weather is hot, remember to wear him or her light textured cloth and when it is cold, a warm cloth would be the best option.

Reasons why babies cry

Mother bonding with her baby
Mother bonding with her baby | Source

Finally, taking care of a baby can be fun especially when he or she is happy. Just looking at a baby’s cute, tiny body can be interesting, just admiring the handwork of God; The creator can fill your heart with lots of joy. Nevertheless, when a baby is not happy it can be confusing and frustrating and I hope the above listed tips

How to stop a baby from crying

would be of a good help to you while taking care your baby, there might be other reasons why a baby cry however, it could be one of the above listed, have patience, it will get better. There is a popular saying “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.”


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