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Remember ME

Updated on February 16, 2014

I lay here in this frozen state

And pray you do not singe

This picture etch upon your heart

Just know it is the fringe

Twas love that brought you to my side

And love you showed me true

All the days that I did live

You gave me what was you

But do not look upon me now

And cry for me this way

Twas life that you and I once had

Cast those tears away

I lay here in such solemn state

Words upon my ears

That I have forever heard

The pain within me sears

Always the right for me

Once for you to take

My deepest and most precious gift

For do not make mistake

So stand there now and watch me lay

Tears and words that flow

There once was chance and time and love

That you and I have stole

For now you say the words

You know what you must know

So watch me in this solemn state

And know that we loved so.


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