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Family Road Trip Ideas When Driving With Kids!

Updated on May 18, 2016
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My goal as a writer is to spread as much knowledge as I can about positive thinking and proactive living.

Plan Your Family Road Trip Ideas

I love traveling and want to enjoy this experience with my children as much as possible. We are a family of four and the cost of airfare for us is astronomical. My husband and I can afford two or three trips a year if we drive, only one if we fly.

Last Spring I was determined to get my family to enjoy and look forward to our long road trips instead of dread them. Here are my tried and true techniques that made our road trip as cherished and as comfortable as the vacation itself.

Family Road Trip Ideas - Treats For Kids

We all have that moment during a long road trip with kids where we say to ourselves "I am never doing this again!" Usually, we get to that point when the kids are whining and complaining so badly that we want to rip our hair out!

Only when it gets to this point, I pull out my favorite trick.

Here is goes -

A few days before the road trip I head to my local dollar store without my children. I stock up on crayons, coloring books, lollipops, crafts, and inexpensive toys for each of them. This particular trip was very long, 12 hours from New Jersy to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. I felt the need to splurge and spent about $15 per child (pennies compared to the amount of a seat on an airplane).

I also grabbed a few rolls of fun wrapping paper, wrapped each little treat, and put their names on it.

Only when the kids got really bad I would pull out one of their presents and let them unwrap it and play with it. It would keep them busy and excited for a while, worked like a gem!

Family Road Trip Ideas - Entertainment

Most families are more tech savvy than mine. Although we do have the tablets and ipods I feel the best thing to bring on a very long road trip is a double dvd player when you have two kids. The day before we get ready for our trip, I take the kids to our local library. They have the biggest selection of dvd's and kids music.

My local library lets us take out 30 items per card. They may only be taken out for three days, I renew them online while I am away on my computer, it only takes a minute.

My kids pick about ten dvds each and 10 cds to listen to together. We keep the dvd players going towards the middle of the drive. Everytime they get bored with one dvd, they have many more of their favorite titles to pick from. The best thing about this wonderful part of our road trip is that it's free!


My last tried and true tip for us adventurous parents is leave as early as possible! About a week before your trip get your full eight hours, eat good, and rest. Treat the car ride like running a marathon!

My husband and I like to leave around 4:30 am. Most people would cringe if they heard that but it makes it so much easier. We put the kids on the car in their pajamas and favorite blankets. They are usually sleeping for the first four hours of the drive which makes it much more peaceful!

I remember my family vacations being the most beautiful memories of my childhood. Spring and Summer are going to be here soon. I wish everybody amazing vacations with their families and I hope your road trips are as fun as and looked forward too as mine!


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    • Happymommy2520 profile image

      Amy 16 months ago from East Coast

      Yes, the library is a life saver when it comes to long road trips. The dvds, books, and kids cd's have saved us at the most tedious times. We usually go on road trips for vacations with our kids. The airfare these days is way too expensive.

    • PaigSr profile image

      PaigSr 16 months ago from State of Confussion

      Growing up my parents had games we would play on the long road trips. Those games have been passed on to the road trips with my kids. The one that they probably wish was passed on was calling out every mile marker. That is something that I did and they were constantly asking me not to. Also on your library idea, is there more than one library you can go to? There are several near us and we tend to hit at least three if not more. The family has five cards so the about of material can go way up.