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Updated on June 19, 2013

This piece was written and designed to offer assistance and direction to various sites that can aid in the fight against adolescent drug use and abuse.

This site addresses 16 principles of substance abuse prevention as the combined responsibility of the entire living environment of a child. This site addresses that importance of prevention programs based on various factors of the users. The prevention programs are based on the different types of programs and what they are to focus on in their prevention. This site addresses family programs, schools programs, community programs, and program delivery. This site would be valuable to the educator by availing them with the incite and strategies and direction of programs and how they can be applied to the assistance of those with substance issues as a comprehensive community involvement effort.

This site addresses the early detection, role of families, and prevention. This site addresses the roles of all aspects of the adolescents’ life and immediate experiences. From parents to the rest of the community, all must be involved in these aspects of substance abuse in adolescents. This site addresses the following question that should be asked:

“How can I tell if my child is drinking excessively or using drugs? If some warning signs are present, consult an expert in substance abuse treatment.” (Rabbi Dr.Twerski, 2005) Ways one can tell how, what, when, where, and who of detection.

“What constitutes effective treatment? This varies. It will depend on the evaluation by a competent addiction therapist.” (Rabbi Dr.Twerski, 2005) Who parents or teachers to see or contact in the event there is suspicion of abuse by a child.

“The parenting techniques of previous generations may not be strong enough to enable children to withstand the temptations of modern society. If we realize the dangers to which our children are exposed, we can adopt techniques that will strengthen them so that they will be able to cope with today's challenges.” (Rabbi Dr.Twerski, 2005)

Once there is knowledge or even suspicion of abuse, parents can then access the resources available to them and therefore enable the teacher to become a viable partner in helping the child.

Rabbi Dr.Twerski, A. J. (2005). Substance Abuse in Adolescents: Detection, Treatment and Prevention. Retrieved from

This site addresses the many types of substances that teens use and the methods they administer them. This site addresses the classifications, the pharmaceutical as well as common street names of the substances, effects, delivery, overdose effects and consequences, signs and symptoms and common means of acquisition. This site can be of tremendous use to educators in that it can be a valuable asset for information into the world of substance abuse and how abusers can be spotted and then redirected. This site provides pictures and how the various substances looked and are disguised for sale or resale. This site explains the street names of the substances slang terms and how the substances are usually acquired illegally as well as over the counter and how they are mixed to achieve the desired altered states.

Prescription drug abuse among adolescents is gaining the attention of the country, but most specifically parents, educators, and community officials. There are promising strategies for parents, schools, doctors, nurses, and law enforcement agencies to employ to fight the spread of abuse as the initial ages are lowering each and every day. With everyone building state and community coalitions with relevant stakeholders will help to create awareness of the issue and determine how best to enact strategies to reduce this significant threat to our nation’s youth. This site gives the tools for parents, educators, community leaders, law enforcements officials, and pharmacies in the prevention of prescription drug abuse in adolescents.

This site addresses the risk factors and comparable protective factors of substance abuse by adolescents. The involvement of all of us from parents to teachers to the entire community in doing what it takes in the detection and prevention of substance abuse in adolescents.


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