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Updated on April 7, 2022
Busy-body, example of Swaydy.
Busy-body, example of Swaydy. | Source
Pilot | Source
Example pic..of the actual Swaydy & Atlanta.
Example pic..of the actual Swaydy & Atlanta. | Source
Caught in the wind, no longer flying..
Caught in the wind, no longer flying.. | Source
Twins Cod & Wndy
Twins Cod & Wndy | Source

A Childrens Story..Author, Maggie_may...Self-Published..Art Richardson's Printing, Cheticamp, NS.

Pilot, the black whale could tell a wind storm was coming. The sky appeared dull and grey. "Things are just too quiet," he told Atlanta, the lighthouse.No birds were chirping, no crows could be heard cawing, and no seagulls could be seen."I'm going to swim over to the dig to check on Cod and Windy. I'll be back," he said as he waved his tail fin at Atlanta before ducking under the water and swimming away."Cod? Windy?" hollered Pilot as he approached the wharf, known as the dig. The dig is a verybig dockside wharf where many fishermen tie up their boats. Twins, Cod and Windy always hang around the wharf. Today, they were not on the North side. The North side is the spot where they usually sit with bare feet dangling over the side. Both twins always have their fishing poles trying to catch a mackeral or two for dinner. Sometimes, they even reel in an eel, a slinky black, snake-like fish. Pilot thought it was really strange that the twins were not at their usual spot. As Pilot started to swim towards the South side of the dig he saw Swaydy, the seagull perched on top of a power pole. "Hey Swaydy! Have you seen the young ones today?" he asked. Swaydy looked from one side to the other, and, shaking his head replied, "No Pilot, I have not laid eyes on those twins yet today. Is there something wrong? It sure is funny they are not around!" "I feel a good ole South East wind coming, that's all," Pilot said to Swaydy. "Yeah, my feathers tell me a big one is coming," said Swaydy as he did a little body shake and twist causing his feathers to stand straight out and up. Swaydy is named after a South Easterly wind storm. When he first hatched from his egg, the wind was blowing so hard the nest he was in had been blown from the rocks away from his mother. Twins, Cod and Windy found the nest, saved, and cared for Swaydy. They named him Swaydy after the word, Suete. The name Suete is used by the French town people when referring to a South East wind storm -- winds as strong as the tail end of a hurricane best describe a Suete. "I'm going to swim over to Cape's place. I just bet, he knows where the twins might be. And, if I know those two, they are probably knee deep in the water,digging clams, not knowing there is a storm coming," said Pilot. "You do that Pilot, I'll fly around the island to see what I can," Swaydy said as he took flight. "Hey there Pilot," said Cape, the Presquille rock in the cove of the Cabot Trail. "Can you feel it? There is a storm coming and it's not going to be very nice for a while. Do you have a place to stay?" Pilot ducked under the water and swam around Cape to reappear up in front of him. Pilot asks, "Well, I was hoping I could stay here in the Cove with you. I came here because I am worried about Cod and Windy, have you seen them?" "They had Little Red Dory down here with them, and said they were heading to Atlanta's to see the cows, but at that time the weather was beautiful. Quick! You must swim there and warn them, this wind is picking up fast," said Cape. "Gosh! I must have missed them when I swam to the dig," said Pilot while flapping his tail fin at Cape waving good-bye as he swam off to find the twins. "I sure hope you find them soon, this wind storm is going to be a bad one," said Cape waving to Pilot. Funny, Pilot thought, that is Cod and Windy's Little Red Dory over there, but I do not see them anywhere. Pilot swam around the area and stopped along the shore to ask the two cows, Meme and Pepe where he might find the twins. Pilot asks, "Big storm coming, have either of you seen the twins today?" "MOO -- not here," they both answered. Pepe asks, "That's their Little Red Dory over there on the shore -- MOO, but we do not know how it got there -- MOO. Is something wrong?" After explaining his concern to find the twins before the wind storm arrived and just as Pilot is going to thank the cows for pointing him in the right direction he hears laughter. Surely, those giggles he could hear were those of the twins, he thought. Windy said, "This way!" Cod said, "No! This way!" SPLOOSH! A big splash is heard by the cows and Pilot. The pail held by the twins dropped in the water. Cod and Windy fell on their bottoms. Instead of getting mad at each other when they dropped the pail, losing all the clams they had collected, the twins started giggling. "Hee, hee, hee hee, ha ha, ha ha, a, a, a," they both giggled the same notes at the same time in the same highs and lows. The water is getting really rough and choppy. The waves are starting to build higher and higher. No one can go swimming and it is not a good idea to be anywhere near the water. The wind is getting stronger and stronger by the minute. Swaydy did not know Pilot was near Cod and Windy. His thoughts were that Pilot and he should find shelter from the storm soon, but they must first, find and get the twins to a safe place. The only place left to look for them was on the island where the cows graze. Swaydy set off to find them, but he could hardly fly anymore. "I see them, and Pilot is there too," said Swaydy to himself, as the wind caught in his wings and carried him sailing high in the sky out of control. "Cod, Windy! I am so glad to have found you two,"said Pilot as he swam closer to them. "Don't you two see the wind has picked up and a major storm is going to hit hard any time? Look! Here comes Swaydy and he is not flying, he is being blown toward us," said a very worried Pilot. Both Cod and Windy looked around and then at each other. With wide open eyes, and at the same time both said, "Quick! You run that way and we'll catch him before he blows by." Being twins they always knew the direction and choice each would make. They just knew -- a twin thing! After the twins caught Swaydy they decided it best to pull their Little Red Dory into the forest part of the island where he would be safe from the storm. It took a lot of work to tie Little Red Dory to the trees, but they finally secured him so he wouldn't get hurt. "I wish you guys could stay here with me, but you need shelter. Run quickly to Atlanta's, he'll keep you safe until the South East wind dies down," said Little Red Dory, always thinking about the twins before himself. Pilot swam along side the shore following the twins as they and Swaydy reached the lighthouse safely. Atlanta promised to keep them all safe until the storm ended. Only after the door to the lighthouse closed behind them did Pilot duck under water again to swim to Cape's Cove. The water current is strong, but Pilot is a very strong swimmer. He reached Cape's place safely. He told Cape he found the twins and that both the twins and Swaydy are safely indoors at Atlanta's. "It is time to brace ourselves. There are tree branches breaking, and I think the power lines are straining too hard against the wind -- surely, some will break," said Pilot to Cape. The South East wind storm lasted five hours. Power lines broke and many people were still without power when Swaydy and friends came out from their hiding spots. A lot of fishermen's traps had washed ashore and many were broken. South East wind storms almost always cause damage. But, as quickly as the storm came and went, out came the sun and the friends once again gathered together as if nothing happened planning to go fishing or digging clams.




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