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School Shootings: Everyone Wants Freedom, But at What Cost?

Updated on January 18, 2022

News Flash!

We have another school shooting. And it is becoming more horrific than those from recent memory. Admit it or not, media has become partly to blame for sensationalizing these crimes. But then again, one would argue that they are only doing their job of providing us with what we crave for -- information, and yes quickly please.

The Information Age

But wait, politicians and people who are suppose to legislate policies and laws are fighting back with tougher gun control and better mental health care and all that.

Yes, I agree but then again that is only part of the predicament we are in.

The dilemma is that America is supposed to be a "free" country, in the sense that everybody is free to say or do most anything and become whatever we want to be, or at least that's where we wish to go. And we have no qualms of broadcasting real-time ours and everyone else's dirty laundry. So if we want to understand its once-in-a-while signs-of-the-times "side effects" then we need to look at the big(ger) picture of where we are right now.

Who's Looking After the Kids

With single parents or parents working double-time, double-shifts, double-jobs to survive, to keep up with the Joneses or get what they want, then who are really looking after our kids -- kids that we cannot criticize or reprimand for fear of being sued.

Who are minding our children who are being left:

  1. to fend for themselves against peer pressure, predators, and school and neighborhood bullies -- this include the new kids-in-the-block, the online-bullies.
  2. with educators who are doing their best with what little they have -- that includes dignity, respect and training. Ask yourself, who in their right mind wants to grow up to be a teacher anymore?
  3. with other kids in under-supervised and under-funded after-school programs, private and public.
  4. with and are being raised by others who are only a couple of years older (literally, mentally, emotionally and psychologically) -- siblings, family members or baby-sitters.
  5. at homes with television shows and music glorifying bad behavior, filthy language, fighting, sadism, warfare, carnage, violent crimes, name it if it sells they will make it.
  6. alone with video games that are even far worse than what they see on TV, movies, online and what they hear on the radio. Really, sit down and watch it for yourself.
  7. to grapple with what society portrays as beautiful, desirable or what they need to be to be loved or be popular.
  8. and with no mentors, friends, parents, role models, no hope, no dreams, no heaven, no hell, all the people living for today and yes, no "religion" too…

Welcome to the Information Age or to the "Imagine" World, all these phenomena (i.e. school shootings) aren't hard to understand in fact it's easy if you try. We normally don't get what we wish for but please don't be surprised when we do.



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