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The Top 7 Ways A Mother Makes a Difference

Updated on July 28, 2016
Mother having fun with daughter
Mother having fun with daughter

Do you think the quality of a child's life depends on the degree of nurturing the child receives in its developing years?

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Motherhood is not only designed to nurture a child with food, clothing and shelter, but also to shape and mold within a child a set of excellent values. In order to participate successfully in life, a child needs to possess dynamic values. Through gentleness, love, inspiration, guidance and wisdom, great motherhood exceeds the norm by raising children that can make a difference in the world. To raise children that can make a difference, the characteristics of greatness in a mother must be consistently applied throughout a child's developmental years.


A great part of nurturing is feeding, clothing and sheltering your child. However, this only provides the bare necessities. To feel fully nurtured a child must feel warm, safe and secure in your presence, not only when they are toddlers but also when they are of grade school age. Children must not be afraid of abuse or neglect. Often I talking to mothers who just don't have enough time to fully nurture their child. They may allow daycare personnel, a family member or an older sibling to nurture them, but it is not the same. When a mother can fully nurture her child, an everlasting intimate bond is made that can't be denied.

Attention Giving

No matter how hard it may be at times, please give that child plenty of attention. Giving your children the attention they need will make them feel special and confident that they are worthy human beings. Children who don't get enough attention tend to act out in the classroom or on the streets. Many times when children give the teacher a hard time or clown around in the streets, they are trying to get attention. They want to be liked and appreciated. If they can't get this attention from their mother they will seek it unwisely elsewhere.

Spontaneously Connects with Affection

Many times through out the month, just approach your son or daughter and genteelly embrace them. It does not have to be any specific occasion. Just do it. Such practice will mostly likely develop a sense of thoughtfulness and love within the child. Sometimes children may feel alone in the world since parents are so busy attempting to make ends meet. When you randomly connect with your child, they know that you haven't forgotten about them.

Mother showing daughter how to cook
Mother showing daughter how to cook

Is Inspirational

By all means, inspire your child. Give that child a reason to dream as well as believe in the dream. Thousands of parents neglect to inspire their children to some form of greatness. In every human being born into the world is a diamond in the rough, ready to be unearthed and to shine upon humanity. It is up to the parents to discover this diamond. The diamond is usually an undeveloped talent that is seen in the child. For instance, if your child shows an unusual knack for singing, acting, sports, or a great interest in such subjects such writing, spelling, math, or science, do all in your power to inspire your child to greatness. This could be a testimony of your motherly greatness.

Displays Gratitude

A nurturing mother will not only display gratitude but will encourage her child to express gratitude for the simple things in life, such as awakening in the morning with food, clothing and shelter. These things are what makes life what it is-an expression of love. Teach children to be thankful for the people, places and things around them. Show them how to see beauty in all things. Happiness doesn't mean you need a ton of money or materialistic things to feel worthy in the world. Such things can be lost in an instant. But such things as simplicity, love, faith and a sense of beauty will never fade away. In fact, these are the qualities that re-create every thing else. Teaching children gratitude helps them to appreciate what they have instead of expressing envy over the things of others.

Child resting head on mother's shouder
Child resting head on mother's shouder

Fosters a Sense of Achievement

Mothers must development within their child a sense of achievement. They must be told in words as well as deeds that the world favors these who achieve something worthwhile. Never tell your child that he or she will be nothing in the world. Such words are poisonous to the mind, spirit and soul. Many children grow up to be just what their mother told them they world be: Somebody or Nobody. A mother's words to a child can create or destroy the child's life. Therefore, as a mother tell your children that they must strive to be all they can be, to get back up after falling down, and to refuse to back down from haters but to know within their hearts that nothing can stop them form achieving an worthy goal in life.

Expresses Respect

Disrespectful children are everywhere, including home, neighborhood, school and within the community at large. They refuse to be told the right thing to do, they destroy property, curse and attack adults and laugh about these very things the next day. Therefore, the responsibility to mothers everywhere is to teach their child respect while it is young. Teach them to respect all people, whether old or young. When children show respect for themselves as well as other people, those children exhibit a certain grace that cause people to want to do something special for them. Respectful children earn success and grace wherever they go. Their show of respect is a strong representative of a dynamic mother.


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