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The Benefits of Baby Monitors

Updated on September 12, 2013

Deciding on the Best Baby Monitor

I have to admit right up front, that I was the type of mother that felt that no one else could care for my kids like I could. Except for my mom. She doted on the kids and I had full confidence in her when she babysat.

When my first daughter was born, I put her portable crib right next to my side of the bed. I thought that was what a good mom did with their newborn.

After a couple of nights of little or no sleep, I moved her into her own bedroom. I felt so guilty but all those sweet little grunting noises she would make was enough to keep me awake while she slept soundly! My daughter would only wake up to the textbook pattern of every 4 hours. Hunger usually woke her.

I was overly sensitive to her noises so putting some distance between us seemed logical. I needed sleep.

Even though her bedroom was only 2 rooms away, I was worried about being able to hear her so I bought a baby monitor. This was over 30 years ago so that gadget looks pretty lame and ancient compared to the baby monitors on the market today. Talk about your high tech! The best thing about these new monitors is that they are very affordable and have many more options.

My daughter had her first baby last August. She asked for a model by Motorola, which she loves and uses every day.

Once I began shopping around for her baby monitor, I was interested in learning about the different models and the various options offered on the most popular models. This lens will give you the low down on the baby monitors which are hits with consumers.

The First Monitors - the old days!

The baby monitor I used was quiet in my daughter's bedroom but on my end, it had a lot of background distortion.

Lowering the volume reduced the white noise but it also made it more difficult to hear her. The background noise was actually not altogether a terrible thing. It was soothing and actually helped me to fall asleep. When my daughter got restless and started go into full waking mode, I was able to hear her easily. It was working as I hoped.

Baby monitors have come a LONG way since I bought mine over thirty years ago. As with any product that primarily depends on technology, that comes as no surprise.

The great thing about advancements in technology is that the price usually goes down unless it's something new and earth shaking. I can't imagine what that would be because baby monitors have features such as night vision and the ability to shift or reposition the angle of the camera.

Although the price is much higher that I paid for my simple Fisher Price two way baby monitor, the features found on today's baby monitors are much more superior! You still get an amazing product for the money.

Ways to Utilize a Baby Monitor

I agree that the primary use for a baby monitor is to have it act as your ears and eyes during the night but it's way more useful than that. Depending on the location of the baby's bedroom, you may find it difficult to hear your baby in different rooms in your home.

This is especially true when you own a big home with multiple floors. In two story homes, the bedrooms are usually located upstairs away from the hubbub of noise and activity. A baby monitor enables you a way to remotely keep track of baby no matter what room you are in.

When You're Working Outside

This was another scenario that worked great with my baby monitor.

I worked nights and was the designated to mow the lawn. I didn't like the idea of leaving my daughter inside for any length of time but yet I knew I had to get the job done.

I used the baby monitor to give me a peace of mind. I took it outside with me and I would shut off the mower every ten minutes to listen for any signs that my baby was starting to wake up from her nap.

Some people find working in their gardens very relaxing and therapeutic. Just because you enjoy working outdoors, you won't feel anxious about spending extended stretches of time as long as you can monitor the baby..

A Hot Bath

This was one of my favorite methods of relaxing and escaping for a whole 30 minutes. At first I found that every sound I heard made me jump and even jump out of the tub to find out if it was my daughter. Not exactly what I had in mind.

Eventually, I just started bringing my end into the bathroom. In those days, all of them were plug in or battery operated. The models found today can be accessed with an app on your phone and most are also wireless so moving the units around or taking them outdoors isn't a problem.

I had faith that I could hear my daughter waking from a nap or after being put down for the night and I knew I wouldn't miss out if she cried out. I eventually got in the habit of walking around from room to room with the speaker which made me less jittery as a new and over cautious mom.

Do you Really Need a Baby Monitor?


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