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Society and Our Children

Updated on January 26, 2015

Television and the system plays a major role in the way children in today's society are.In today's society parents seldom to responsibilities for their children because of fear from the system.

Today's children are more involved with law enforcement, leaving some dead or jailed. Without rules and regulations older they get, the more they rebel to their parents and others. Parents have to let their children know that they are the parents and want the best for them. Parents should always know where their children are and make sure they obey the rules of the house.

Most of all issues in to-days society affiliate poor children with crimes,drugs,violence, sexually and poverty. Children in today's society are dealing with who they really are and what life holds for them. One of the words we hear is that I don't care about nothing, these are with a low-self esteem.

Raising children in today's society is one of the hardest jobs in the world because of outside interfering from society.Society have taken over the role of parenting, telling parents must obey by courts.raise their children or the world because of all the power- struggles in today's society.In today's society researches and technology plays a major role in the way children are raised in homes

Years ago the behavior of children was never a real issue because of the beliefs of communities and laws. Parents were responsible for their children without courts interfering. I n today's society children are easily influenced by television and the media. Children makes no excepting to rules and valves.


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