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Sometimes, kids say the funniest things!

Updated on June 20, 2009

 I am a teacher and have been for 23 years.  I love teaching and especially love hearing stories told by parents, co-workers and children in my classroom.  I would like to share some stories that I have been told or have heard by my own students.  Remembering them allows me to continue to remember why I love working with children so much.

One day, I was sitting with a child at a Catholic school.  It was during recess time and he and I were talking about the weather.  Across the street was the priest's rectory and the convent where the nuns lived.

All of a sudden, the boy became very distressed.  He pointed across the street and yelled, "Aw, those kids are gonna get it."  I asked him what he meant.  I saw some kids cutting through the yard next to the rectory.  The boy's eyes got really big and he said, "Those kids are in big trouble now...they're walking on God's grass!"


In class, I was teaching students the different holidays for the months of the year.  I discussed each holiday and described it.  We talked about the common holidays and then the holidays such as Labor Day, Mother's and Father's Day and so forth.  Then, I gave the children a verbal quiz, asking them first what holiday is set aside to honor the woman that gave birth to them?  No one could answer.  "Who do we honor for giving birth to you?", I asked.  "Our mom", the class chimed.  I then asked them to think of what their mom had gone through to have them and raise them and that there was a holiday to honor her.  One of my students stood up and declared that he knew.  "Labor Day" he yelled out.  "She went through labor."


A first grade teacher in my building was teaching math using blue paper (the water) and goldfish crackers for the numbers.  "Don't spill your water", she jokingly told the children in class.  As they were working out the math problems, one boy yelled out, "Someone spilled their water!"  As the teacher looked, she realized that a little girl had peed her pants and it was dripping on the floor!


One day in class, I was teaching a unit about John F. Kennedy.  We had spent almost 1/2 hour on the subject and I asked the students to recall the information I had given them for discussion.  One boy chuckled and said, "I know he was rich.  Look at all those restaurants named after him."  Puzzled, I asked what he meant.  The boy smiled and looked at me like I was crazy not to know.  "KFC", he answered.


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