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How to calm down a crying child? Gas in the stomach ?

Updated on April 10, 2012

Here are some tips to soothe your crying baby

1. Hunger :Most babies (few months old) cry mainly because they are hungry. Check if they are opening their mouth and showing their tongue. This is one of the signs that they are hungry. When are 3-4 months they will also start sucking their thumb or all the fingures together. These are signs that your baby is hungry

2. Gas in the stomach: Some times babies cry when they have gas in the stomach (colic). This is a very difficult situation. If the baby has gas in the stomach and you try to feed the baby or walk with him, he may continue to cry. The best way to do solve this problem is to carry the baby with your two hands, but his face looking down. Walk with the baby in the room with the baby in this position. You will see that baby stops crying. Atleast it worked for my children.

3. Time to change the diaper: Check the diaper and make sure that you have changed it in every 4-5 hours. Also there are some creams available to remove diapers rashes.

If the baby still don't stop crying, check the temperature and take him to the doctor. Some times he may be having ear pain or throat pain



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