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Stolen Innocence Part 3

Updated on January 13, 2014

Small Town USA

Any Main Sr. in rural America
Any Main Sr. in rural America

When You Think it Can't Get Worse

If you have followed my hubs, Secrets in our Mist, and Stolen Innocence Part 2, you know the small community I live in was rocked by a case of child molestation.

The guilty party is in prison for a minimum of fifteen years. That's justice. The school teachers who supported him were given a pass. The school did nothing. No one has ever been brought to justice for the fire bombing of the victim's family garage. So, justice has not been totally meted out.

The victim's mother who had two surgeries for breast cancer, got some not so pleasant news. The cancer has spread to her lungs. More treatments are in store.

But it gets worse...

Another Ball Drops

The convicted teacher has petitioned for severance pay ($10,000) which was paid to teachers who retired or resigned from the district. His resignation was forced by his being a convicted criminal. The local Superintendent spoke with school board members and made the decision the severance was not merited in this case.

The Michigan Education Association is taking this to a hearing. Seriously??? Are you kidding me??? A group whose goal is supposed to be the education of children in a safe environment is backing a pedophile?? I am shocked. The parents are horrified. I'm sure the members at large are not aware of this.

Bill O'Reilly, (I do not watch him as a general rule) got wind of this. I don't know who contacted him. I do know he sent a crew to interview the parents. It was aired on his show in mid-December and repeated while he was off for the holidays. He has brought this to the forefront of the media again.

As a result, the father of the victim was shoved in the snow with a knee in his back and told he needed to quit causing trouble. Really? He's only asking for justice. He cannot believe anyone would think severance is due this monster.


The community is polarized. There is the faction who believes this man was a wonderful teacher. He was a great community member and he was an asset to everyone. None of them had children molested.

The other side of the community rallies around the parents, gets angry every time something else happens and no one is caught or held accountable.

Nineteen years this family has lived in this community. They have worked, paid taxes, tried to raise their children right, and yet they are the trouble makers. They are the ones in the wrong.

I don't buy that for a minute. They deserve compassion while they are trying to put their family back together. While they try to help their son heal. They are a strong family and the love they have for each other is what will pull them through.

As for the town? I don't have high hopes. When people have to hide or shop in other towns for fear they will be accosted in public about this issue, it's not good. We all make mistakes. I don't believe the teachers who wrote letters thought they would ever be public. I also think they are naive in believing this is the only child this has happened to. This man groomed this child and spent three years molesting him. Holding his mother's job over the child's head. This was just the first time he was caught and he took good people down with him.


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