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What Is Straight Edge And sXe?

Updated on November 8, 2014
That doesn't sound like any fun.
That doesn't sound like any fun. | Source


The only straight edge people are teenagers. Why?

  1. Because they turn legal drinking age and can enjoy the wonders of getting trashed.
  2. Because they grow the heck up.

Seriously, the whole straight edge movement is pretentious and childish hipster bulls*** cult mob mentality crap. Anyone who's into it is obviously immature.

The adults who are into it are just nuts. I'm not saying it's stupid to not do drugs or drink (I thoroughly enjoy drinking but if you don't, more for me!). What I'm saying is, being a part of the straight edge cult is nothing short if insane and/or idiotic.

It's like when goth kids say they're doing it to be different.


So what is "straight edge"? It's a bunch of kids who don't drink or do drugs or have sex (like kids shouldn't in the first f***ing place). The only difference between a nerd not drinking and these lame-o's is that the sXe (that's the abbreviation) kids are pretentious pricks about it. They walk around with a holier-than-thou attitude like they're better than everyone else because they follow the f***ing law. They're hipsters is what they are. News flash: you can be sober and not be a douchebag about it. There's a million recovering alcoholics and drug users out there who are VERY humble about their sobriety.

Oh, and apparently a lot of them don't believe in caffeine either. Which means no chocolate for them! WHAT IN THE HELL IS THAT?!

WTF | Source


So when are these teenagers being sXe? It usually starts in high school and ends in college. That's about it. I've met two straight edge adults:

  1. This absolutely GORGEOUS and very awesome woman whom I really want to get with.
  2. This dude who's obsessed with her.

That's about it. Most of the other straight edge people out there are teenagers. I mean there's other adults doing it too but I don't understand it. Probably the same people who can't seem to let s*** from high school just die.

You know THOSE people. They're on your Facebook. One of them probably posted something idiotic just a few minutes ago. And then sent you a request in Candy Crush or Farmville or something.

Are you straight edge?

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I'm pretty sure this kind of stupidity mostly exists in America. There's probably straight edge kids all over the world, but I mean come on look at America. We do the dumbest stuff all the time. Our culture is backasswards.

To get more specific, it's also safe to say that majority of straight edge kids are in high school and maybe early college. Those kids just haven't gone to a college party yet or turned 21.

Because it always ends at 21.

But if you're looking for some straight edge buttheads to pick on, your best bet is in any high school. Look for the emo or punk looking kids. They tend to be the straight edge ones. Or the kids who listen to hardcore music.

Buncha freakin losers
Buncha freakin losers | Source


Heck if I know why. Like I said before, it's some sort of cult mob mentality sort of thing. Like how there are a bunch of conservatives who believe in everything Bill O'Reilly says and an equally idiotic group of liberals who believe everything Bill Maher says.

We're just surrounded by idiots who gravitate towards each other and then stick like magnets and that's just how it works on Earth.


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    • profile image

      Luke 4 years ago

      I'm straight edge. I do eat chocolate. I didn't do it to be "holier-than-thou."

      You wrote that you only know two straight edge adults. This definitely shows. I'm straight edge for three reasons; For myself, for my family, for my friends.

      If you seem to have a problem with straight edgers giving themselves a label, just think about how many labels there are in the world. There is a label for everything. People that drink a lot of alcohol & do drugs usually get labeled as a "partier" & are thought of as cool. Well I think people that don't drink are cool. It's a very simple way of life, it's not about the movement anymore.

      I think you should read into more of what modern straight edge means today, it might just change your mind or at least make you more open minded.

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion so I'm glad you're at least standing for something.


    • WTF World profile image

      WTF World 4 years ago from Earth

      Hell yeah you should kick his ass. This is adult fun time. But make sure he doesn't join any sXe cults either. Glad you enjoy my hubs. HubPages seems to hate me. I have issues getting stuff published. But that was actually half the intent of starting this account anyway.

    • Bishop55 profile image

      Rebecca 4 years ago from USA

      Getting smashed is fun. I think it helps to escape sometimes, it's like a mental vacation, and everything in moderation. I'll say one thing though, if my son gets trashed in my house or comes home stoned he's gonna get his ass kicked. He can be a trashy intoxicated mess once he's done with college and lives on his own! And as long as he lives with integrity and doesn't become a drug addict loser, I don't see the harm in indulging every now and then. But let's not under-estimate sobriety either. You're hubs crack me up. I can't wait for more of your writing.