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StrollAir My Duo Twin Double Stroller - The Perfect Double Stroller Solution

Updated on November 24, 2015

If you have twins or two toddlers in the house, the My Duo Twin Double Stroller from StrollAir is definitely you need to have. StrollAir has been known to roll out high quality baby care products at a competitive price for some time now. Looking at this stroller, it is pretty evident that it has been designed from a perspective that is purely user oriented. The Double Stroller makes a statement with its lightweight aluminum chassis and narrow 29 inch frame. This allows you to step out of the house with your toddlers in style. It's a whole lot more than just a pretty stroller. You want strollers to be useful and StrollAir has definitely scored some points in this department. This stroller combines the best of both worlds with attractive style and high functionality. In this StrollAir My Duo Twin Double Stroller Review, we point out some of the aspects that make this stroller truly a must have if you are in the market for a high quality stroller that will perform under pressure without compromising on style or comfort.

Seating and Comfort

The StrollAir My Duo Twin Double Stroller is arguably the best double stroller on the market now. This is exactly what you need to get if you have twins or two toddlers. What makes this double stroller stand out from the competition is the reversible seats. It can comfortably accommodate two babies side by side simultaneously. At a width of 29 inches, you don't have to worry about your stroller fitting through doorways. Each seat has a weight limit of 40 pounds and it easily takes on two fairly large-sized babies without a sweat. The seats have been designed to provide comfort and reassuring support at all times. One important factor to consider here is that the seat backs are relatively tall at around 24 inches. This provides a definitive advantage in terms of comfort and strength. Overall, the seat dimensions have been tailored to ensure that your babies have a good time when they are in for a ride

Utility and Safety

The My Duo Twin Double Stroller from StrollAir has features that make it highly useful for you and safe for your baby. For instance, the seats feature a padded five-point harness that is adjustable. Apart from that, you have a removable baby bumper bar along with an adjustable footrest with three individual positions to facilitate a level of comfort that is perfect for just any baby. Both seats are enhanced with almost unlimited recline positions, all the way to flat. The strap recline on this double stroller is amazingly easy to use. The canopies are independent for each seat and they are quite huge. They have tiny windows on the side and a sun visor in front to provide adequate coverage for the babies. The handle bar is adjustable so it's easy for people of any height to handle. The stroller also comes with a big basket under the seats, which can be reached easily from behind or from the front. Thus you have room for diapers, light toys, or extra clothes.

Reversible Seats

This is one of the most amazing features of the double stroller from StrollAir, which makes it exclusive. The seats can be reversed. This means you have a side by side stroller with seats that can be reversed independent of each other. This is certainly not something you would generally see in any other double stroller on the market. With this feature, you can have one baby facing you while the other looks out or have both of them facing you or outwards. The applications of this feature are definitely positive and provide you with so many options in various situations. One definitive advantage that this provides you is that you can have two babies in the same stroller without one baby being able to touch the other. This is why we said that the My Duo stroller has been designed keeping in mind the user. The possibilities are really endless, right?


The StrollAir My Duo Twin Double Stroller is equipped with two twelve-inch foam back tires and eight-inch foam tires in the front. The high quality suspension system in the front makes the ride for your babies enjoyable and smooth. The front wheels have a complete 360 degree pivot radius, thus providing easy maneuverability even the stroller carries its capacity weight single handedly. If you are planning on taking your babies on a jog with you, you can lock the front wheels straight. This will give you the necessary traction and speed. Although the stroller isn’t designed for constant use on rough terrain, it can take its share of grassy terrains, soft playground mulch, and areas that have small rocks. As long as you're not planning on using your stroller as a race cart or a mud racer for your babies, it will easily serve you for well over a couple of years.


The double stroller from StrollAir is easy to carry around when you're not using it. You don't have to think about creating a lot of space in your boot for this. The My Duo can be folded away completely in two simple steps. The footrests and baby bumper bars can be folded back. The handlebar can also be folded all the way to the seats. You now have a perfectly compact package that can be stored away easily in just about any space. If you follow the folding procedure correctly, you can easily fit the stroller in the back of your sedan along with your other luggage. The stroller also has a manual lock on each side, which provides a more compact frame.


  1. High quality build
  2. The perfect double stroller for twins and different aged toddlers
  3. Independently reversible seats
  4. Amazingly lightweight
  5. High utility value features such as shopping basket, diaper bag, rain covers, foot covers, separate hoods, and removable front bars
  6. Can take two infant car seats
  7. Variations can be used with individual seats to face out or away from each other
  8. Available in a variety of attractive colors


  1. Some customers complained the stroller did not last long when taken through rough terrain


  1. 1. Is the Stroller easy to maneuver?

The My Duo provides the best in maneuverability. The light weight aluminum chassis is surprisingly strong. That along with the freewheeling front tires which pivot the complete 360 degrees provides the user the ease to handle the stroller single handedly even with full weight.

  1. 2. Is the My Duo Stroller durable?

Provided you are not using it extensively on rough rocky terrain, the My Duo Stroller is pretty resilient to the elements and will provide a very long life even with rough use.

Final Verdict

All said and done, the StrollAir My Duo Twin Double Stroller is the perfect option for you if you have two toddlers in around the same age bracket. It provides you with an array of distinctive features that give you a strong advantage in tricky situations. The feature of reversible seats alone makes this double stroller an attractive option. Apart from that, it is tough, comfortable, and comes with a lot of attention to detail so that your babies are perfectly comfortable and cheerful whenever you take them out. If you are looking at a double stroller that provides you with strength, comfort, and style at an affordable price, this is where your search would end.


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