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Stuck at Home? Fun, Creative, Educational Activities For Kids

Updated on May 18, 2020
Suchismita pradhan profile image

I always try to see things from a different perspective, which helps me to learn and analyze things in a different manner.


Children are the mitochondria of our house. These tiny bunch of powerhouse has enough proficiency in creating a tremor in a few seconds and destroy the entire house. They run without a speed break, hang from things, jump, wrestle, follow you like a shadow, dump their toys, break things, push your computer buttons, quell your phone like a pro, resist your regular routine, color your favorite wall with their own patterns and design as if they are the best interior designers we have without pay, making you all crazy.

As the pandemic attack is still on, all of us are stuck inside our walls. Many parents are searching for different ideas to engage their toddlers at home so that they can help themselves from escaping this havoc.

Here are a few methods by which you can help them to store their energy and use them in a constructive way.


Build a Terrarium:

A terrarium is a collection of small decorative plants growing in an enclosed environment. Terrarium containers are typically transparent and provide an opening big enough to allow the gardener to access the plants inside.

Building a terrarium succulent including Cactus are ideal because they generally thrive in high light and low moisture environments.

Building a terrarium helps children learning about small plants like succulent, how they store water in their leaves for there future needs, how all living beings are using the same resource soil, water, and light.

Before you roll up your sleeves. Check whether you have all these supplies. You will need to get started. 1. Glass vessel 2. Small stones or pebbles 3. Activated charcoal in a small amount. 4. Potting soil 5. plants 6. Small gardening tools.

You can follow YouTube videos for references.
Once your terrarium is complete you'll need to take proper care of your terrarium. Be sure to slightly water the base every other two weeks or the soil looks like it has dried out.
You should also display the terrarium in an area that receives a lot of bright indirect sunlight.

In the process, children will learn some responsibility like how to take care of their plants.


Create a Miniature Garden

Miniature Gardening is about growing a garden on a small scale or you can say miniature gardens are gardens in miniature, My little one really loves to create theses miniature gardens. They are really fun to create and easy to take care of. All you need is little creativity. Infants are more prepared to accept new information when they are surprised, thus violating their assumptions about the physical world. They learn more from fantasy and fairy tales. They love to explore their imagination. As small is always beautiful. They will learn while playing. They are curious about little things. Make your own stories by adding different cartoon figurines.

Pattern Making

Patterns help children learn how to make logical connections and use their reasoning skills. You can find patterns everywhere in our day to day life. Patterns help children make predictions because they begin to understand what comes next.

Art by Abha
Art by Abha

Painting And Drawing

Painting helps children to learn about color. It helps to develop their concentration. It helps in developing mobility skills. Children enjoy playing with colors in the process they draw their imagination on the paper which in turn enables creativity. Painting helps in acquiring the proper eye and hand coordination. Many children love playing with colors in the process they will learn more about colors like how mixing two colors gives birth to a different color. They can showcase their creativity on the blank papers.

Craft Making

Craft making is a fun activity that will help in increasing motor skills.Children enjoy while making crafts. It boosts their self-confidence. These acts give them a sense of achievement after they successfully complete their projects. Gives wings to their inventive.

Growing Plants And Herbs In The Kitchen

Some herbs are easy to grow at home. Engage your children in growing these herbs. Plant some plants like tomatoes, green chilies even you can grow some herbs in your kitchen garden. They are easy to grow and your children will love to see them grow. Allow your children to water them and teach them to take care of them. With the passage of time, they will learn the meaning of what you reap what you sow. These activities help them to work out on their patience. It helps children to observe the plants as well, how they grew themselves go from seed, to root, to bud, and then form a fruit.

Puzzle Solving

Solving the puzzles will not only help your children to develop analytical skills but also enable them to engage their brains for several hours.

Cleaning Activities

Assign some safe cleaning activities. Children love cleaning their stuff. It's an engaging activity and a great way of inculcating good habits in them.

The above activities are not only engaging but also helps you bond with your little ones.

© 2020 Suchismita Pradhan


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