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Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Updated on August 1, 2010

Taking the time to enjoy time with my little girl

      Scrunchies, dolls, headbands, stickers, art supplies and various pairs of shoes litter the floor marking the spots she has visited.  I remind her to pick everything up.  "okay mommy" is the sweet little reply I receive as she goes about her business of gathering up her belongings.  Somewhere along the way, something exciting happens in that massive imagination of hers and I am back in the room wondering what else she has gotten into.  It is all good, I have no problem, my daughter is interesting, creative and I never know what adventure she will have going on when I catch up to her.  Her little hands work like crazy with her colored pencils, markers or crayons and alas...a masterpiece!  She has designed a wonderful dress that she thinks would look absolutely adorable on her American Girl Doll, if only the company made that dress.  Well, that's okay, it was fun to draw anyway.

     I always knew that I would have a son first.  Something inside of me told me that the boys would arrive ahead of any girls.  Maybe it was because I am the youngest of three children and have two older brothers.  I always enjoyed the security of having two big brothers to turn to if I needed anything and wanted the same for my daughter if I ever had one.

     When my second son turned three, I was offered a full time position at the school I had taught at before I had children.  It was the grade I wanted, back in my old classroom.  With the extra money we could buy a house, so the thought of trying for the little sister was shelved.  We even gave away all of the baby items, except for the crib, I just couldn't part with it, and moved into the new house.  The extra room was going to serve as my "office" since I was the only female I needed a sanctuary and I gladly took it.

    Shortly after the move, the powers that be decided that we would not be complete without my little girl.  Low and behold I became pregnant and our beautiful princess appeared.  The best moment was when my oldest son who was six at the time told us " I have a mother, a father, a brother and a sister, I have everything!"  Indeed, he did have all he needed at age six, a family who loved him and was now complete.

     How to explain this feeling of sons mean the world to me.  Holding them at birth was so precious, so wonderful, my heart swells with joy to see them excel, breaks when life is tough for them.  But holding my little girl for the first time, I felt as though I was looking at another part of me.  I felt so complete, I can never express that feeling in words.  It was completely amazing, it was as if this little person who was hours old knew my heart inside and out.  It is still true today. 

    She and I can sit and polish nails.  We can go through catalogues and look at clothing or go to her favorite stores, any shoe stores.  She adores going shoe shopping.  She loves to get her hair done, pick out jewelry and accessories.  The guys wander off and do their own thing and I have a PAL, a Buddy to shop with!  Just like my mother and I.  The three of us took an excursion into Manhattan and went to the American Girl Store.  We had the lunch, got the dolls hair done, had a day that no make could ever understand the joy in!  Pink and Pretty. little princess who loves tiaras, can also get dirty and run around with the best of them.  She loves to play in the dirt, shoot the waterguns at her brothers, run around on the soccer field in her cleats and shinguards.  She asked to play goalie for two seasons and pounced on the ball head first several times during the season.  She asked to play baseball and never left the field without being covered in dirt.  Next week, she starts basketball camp.  She can bait her own hook and has her ver own fishing pole (however, it IS pink and purple).  She is the youngest of the grandchildren on both sides of the family and on my side, the ONLY girl.  She is the true meaning of sugar and spice and everything nice. 


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