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Summer Job Ideas and Tips for Teens

Updated on June 28, 2012

As a teen, it may feel like you can’t decide where to start your summer job search. Summer has come around faster than expected, and your savings are not worth a dime.

You’re now thinking it may be time to earn some extra money. With that in mind, here’s a quick guide to offer a few ideas on summer jobs to help get you started.

If you enjoy working with kids …

Day Camp Assistant – You can check with your local church or civic organization to learn if they need assistance with their day camps. They made need help with arts & crafts projects or someone to help prepare lunches.

Babysitter – This has always been a tried and true method as a summer job. For starters, you can baby-sit the kids of family friends, relatives, or neighbors. Your service would be helpful especially if the parents have daytime appointments this summer.

Be sure to check with your local gym. They may have a childcare facility on-site for parents as they workout and may be hiring!

If you enjoy working outdoors ...

Mowing Yards – Another tried and true method. It’s a great way to earn consistent money or even branch into your own small business. Just look around your neighborhood. Offer your services to the neighbors that appear to need your help.

Once everyone sees your work, you’ll find it a bit easier to grow your client list this summer.

Professional Lawn Maintenance – You can also check with an established lawn service and see if they need extra help. This is an awesome option if you’re not interested in being self employed.

Odd Jobs – It’s exactly what it sounds like. You offer your services in helping a neighbor clean his shed, repaint the curb numbers for a homeowner, or wash cars every Saturday. The work may not be as consistent, but it will help your savings a bit.


If you enjoy working with animals ...

Guest Services/Greeter – If you are friendly and are enthusiastic, your local zoo may have a place for you … as a greeter! As the crowds grow larger, help may be needed handing out maps or assisting visitors with any questions. Look into it!

Dog Walker – Our furry friends deserve a nice walk in the sunshine, and you can make sure it happens. Feel free to start with a small amount of dogs until you are sure you can handle more. Pet owners appreciate this service especially when their dogs are in capable hands.

Pet Sitting – This would be a great service to offer during the summer. Families are going on vacations and need someone to keep an eye on their dog. Full service boarding is probably out of the question. However, you can offer to refill food/water, take them for a walk, or play fetch with them. This is also a great add-on service to your dog walking job.

If you enjoy working with people …

Tutor – School may be out, but that doesn’t stop anyone from learning. Determine your strongest subject and offer tutoring services to those who need help. If you’re a musician, you can also offer music lessons and share your knowledge. This may be a highly enjoyable summer job for you!

Local Events – When musicals or theatrical plays arrive in your area, locals are an important part of the process. There may be a need for workers at the ticket booths or help with the event setup/takedown. Contact your local civic center or visitors bureau to find out if there is an opportunity!

Movie Theater Worker - Classic summer job! Most theaters have openings for box office and concession workers. Depending on the size of the theater, there may also be openings for guest service hosts.

Food Industry – Of course, working at a fast-food restaurant is the typical summer job. You can change it up by applying at local restaurants instead of the franchises. You may have luck and get a job to wait/bus tables. If you prefer sweets over food, you can apply at your local bakery or snowball stand!

Take some time and brainstorm on more summer job ideas!
Take some time and brainstorm on more summer job ideas! | Source

If you’ve exhausted all of these options, get creative to find your summer job.

Referrals – Ask your parents if their jobs have any openings that suit you. It doesn’t hurt to ask family friends or relatives for a referral either. You may be able to get a job making copies or cleaning part time.

Build a job – Inform local businesses that you are available as backup when they are short-handed. It’s best to find a trade that doesn’t require a severe learning curve, too. You can also ask to be called if they need extra help for a promotional event or applying mailing labels. No task is too small!

Unpaid internship – If you’re a bit more career minded or if extra money is not a priority, you can inquire about unpaid internships. You’ll be able to gain new skills and build your resume for future summer jobs or long term employment.

Before you start your summer job search ..

The most important step before hitting the pavement is to speak with your parents. Let them know you’re interested in getting a summer job and get their approval before you go forward. Also, check with your state’s Labor Department or employment office to learn about any restrictions for a working teen.

Hopefully, these summer job ideas have set you on the right path. Best of luck on your search for a summer job and enjoy being a teenager!

©Nikki Thomas 2012 All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
©Nikki Thomas 2012 All Rights Reserved Worldwide. | Source


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    • mzindependent profile image

      mzindependent 5 years ago from Texas

      Thanks, Billy. It's always my hope that it does. Hopefully, their first job creates a fond memory as did yours. ;)

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      All great suggestion! Hopefully this hub will help someone!

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      mzindependent 5 years ago from Texas

      You're welcome, beaddve! I'm glad to know you appreciate them.

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      Thank you for your tips!