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Sunny Day Activities

Updated on April 4, 2012

School is almost out and summer is about to begin! Entertaining children during the school year is simple, but planning a great summer filled with activities, education, fun and memories takes a little bit more planning.

Throughout the city, there are numerous options for activities with the children. On sunny days, nothing can beat an outdoor swimming and/or wading pool. Remember to bring waterproof sunscreen, hats, life jackets, towels and plenty of water. Snorkeling mouthpieces, masks and flippers add to the fun. If you are fortunate to live close by to an open body of water, a day at the beach is guaranteed to bring smiles to all.

Recreational parks in the city provide various types of activities. On hot days, water parks can diffuse the heat by keeping everyone cool. Many of these parks involve water sprays, water tables, hoses, sprinklers and showers. For those who prefer to stay dry, play parks providing climbing structures are always a great alternative. Many of these parks provide apparatus that are age appropriate. However, safety of the child must always prevail and adult supervision is a must. Climbing structures may include spider webs, tubes, slides, bridges, climbing walls, rope walls, and any combination of these. Swings suitable for infants to adults can be found in most parks.

Parks may be connected together by walking or biking paths. Many of these paths wind through forested parks and open field spaces that have been reserved for nature conservation. Along these paths, you may find rest stops or points of interest that provide historical information. Why not try a historical themed walk or bike ride?

National parks provide an array of outdoor activities. These range from beginner hikes to rock climbing excursions for the advanced outdoor specialist. Canoeing, kayaking, boating and/or swimming may be offered for water recreation. In select parks, trail rides offered on horseback provide scenic tours over a greater distance that one could not accomplish on foot.

For the older set of children, aerial games set in the tops of trees is not only entertaining, but challenging and adventurous. Aerial activities can be combined with zip lines, foot bridges, swings, bungee lines and netting. This is a definite family activity that all will enjoy.

Footballs, soccer balls, horseshoes, a bat and ball are excellent group activities that cater to a wide age range. Summer activities do not have to be expensive or complicated. Bubble solution and wands, sidewalk chalk, skipping ropes, sand pails and shovels, butterfly nets, bug catchers and magnifiers are just a few examples.

So grab your hatss, sunglasses, sunscreen, water, picnics and other activity related essentials, and head out to have a great time in the sun! Enjoy your summer!

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