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Super or Slacker: What Kind of Mom are You?

Updated on June 6, 2012
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© 1958 ABC Television | Source

I am a mother of three children. These wonderful people have been the biggest blessing of my life. They have made me happier, sadder, more scared and more proud than anything else. Now that I have expressed my sappy, motherly dialogue, I must say that I do not fit the bill of the modern super mom. I once felt guilty because I did not possess the qualities that I thought were necessary to be a good mom, but now I feel differently. No, I have not taken some kind of self help class that enabled me to develop into June Cleaver but I did make peace with my personality and how it defines me as a mother.

Confessions of a Slacker Mom

This new perspective came after I bought a book by Muffy Mead- Ferro entitled, Confessions of a Slacker Mom. It was a funny book that really made me rethink the way I looked at my own parenting style. The author makes no apologies for her lack of happy homemaker qualities. I myself have now borrowed the title “slacker mom” because it is not a derogatory term reserved for neglectful parents but rather a way to describe us mothers who do not fit into the June Cleaver mold that has for so long been representative of the “perfect” mom.

Are You a Slacker Mom

If you are in doubt as to whether or not you or someone you love is a slacker mom, here are some symptoms to look for:

1. Your kids think wearing shoes is for special occasions

2. You can’t remember the last time you cleaned your oven

3. You have fast food delivery numbers on your speed dial

4. The smoke detector doesn’t have batteries because you put them in the tv remote

5. Your son and your dog smell the same

I’m just kidding (kinda)… I think what makes us feel guilty as parents is not living up to this unachievable ideal. Some seem to think that in order to be a good mother, you are required to constantly stand over your children so they never make a mistake or get disappointed but those are the casualties of being human Without mistakes and some pain, we never grow or become better people. It is also not necessary to completely deprive yourself as a person in order to have more to give to your family. Women who allow themselves to take care of their needs and find fulfillment have so much more to give to others. How can you possibly provide for those you love if you don’t provide for yourself ? You don’t have to be an overprotective, overachieving super mom to raise happy, healthy children.

Super or Slacker

What kind of mom are you?

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    • slackermom profile image

      Lisa Palmer 5 years ago from Attapulgus GA

      Thanks for the comment and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I want to applaud you for your supermom status, I am always in awe of those of you who can pull it off so well. CHEERS!!

    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 5 years ago from America

      I think I was a supermom. The kids were never dirty the house was always clean. Meals on the table bedtime stories all of that. I should have slowed down and not worried so much about dirt. I had happy kids and a clean house it can be done. I waited to become a slacker now I'm a slacker senior. Enjoyed your hub.

    • profile image

      pookiebear00 5 years ago

      I have try to be super mom all the time, but come to find out it's overwelming for me. I try to let a lot go. The most I really get done in the house is dishes laundry and things picked up, but I still manage to get my kids in the bath. I guess I am slacker at time, but I have my super moments when I get the energy. I like Jennrich's comment of how "Good moms have happy kids and dirty houses" This is so me. My kids are happy kids, but my house is messy at times. I tend to my kids more than the house because they are the ones that need my love not my house. Great post! :-)

    • slackermom profile image

      Lisa Palmer 5 years ago from Attapulgus GA

      thanks fadirul..I appreciate you reading and commenting..

    • Fadirul Fais profile image

      Fadirul Fais 5 years ago from Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

      whoever you are, be it mom, dad, kid, the best way to live is to be yourself.insightful hub :)

    • slackermom profile image

      Lisa Palmer 5 years ago from Attapulgus GA

      lol...good moms do come in many varieties and that includes those of us without a dust buster always strapped to our side..Thanks for commenting..Have a great day

    • slackermom profile image

      Lisa Palmer 5 years ago from Attapulgus GA

      thanks...I think being a supermom is over rated not to mention exhausting

    • denisemai profile image

      Denise Mai 5 years ago from Idaho

      I agree. When I first started as a "full-time mom" my house was perfectly spotless and smelled of bleach. Then I realized that it's way more important to spend time with the kids than having an immaculate house. If that makes me a slacker than slackers rock. Nice hub. Voted up.

    • jennrich profile image

      jennrich 5 years ago from Henderson, TX

      Nice hub! It can be hard to think that there's some unattainable standard to motherhood! I've learned, over time, that being a great mom doesn't always mean that my floors are spotless..I recently saw a plaque that read "Good moms have happy kids and dirty houses" lol!