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Swimming Lesson for Babies - Swimming Lesson Videos for Babies and the Use of Reusable Swim Diaper

Updated on January 31, 2015

Swimming Lessons for Babies

Swimming lessons for babies? yes, why not? When we were younger, (I grew up in the tropics, where there are 7107 islands and the beaches are just ten minutes away from the house), we just walk and then we have fun swimming almost everyday during summers and off school days. We grew up literally in water. There is no other way to go, except to the waters. We learned to swim on our own with batches of children going to the beaches, you gotta learn how to swim and you will be the laughing stock of other children. When I migrated here in the US, swimming lessons is one of the ways to learn swimming and we use the pool. Good thing is that for children and babies, the teachers are good and accommodating. There are places where you can enroll your babies for swimming lessons -- parent with babies together.

As children grows older and can understand instructions and speak well, then they can have full swing swimming lessons. Babies swimming lessons are a good way to start learning the basics of swimming specially floating and techniques of swimming. There are swimming lessons for babies which are available at YMCA and other swimming school within the area.

In this hub,The benefits of swimming lessons for babies and when to start swimming lessons plus the use of reusable diapers are discussed.

I also included some amazing videos of swimming babies - videos where babies learn how to float and swim in the waters.There are also some swimming lessons videos and information which you can view here. Enjoy the swimming lessons for babies videos but you must read my hub first!

Swimming baby video in Thailand -- part of the advert of a baby powder --

When Should You Start Swimming Lessons for Babies?

  • According to experts however, as young as six months you can start swimming lessons with your baby. Actually there are already swimming lessons for babies three months older and above, so it is really up to the parents if they want to start it earlier. Some swimming school for babies even start as early as when they are newly born.
  • Developmental swimming lessons for children start when they can understand instructions already and and can speak clearly well -- usually at three years old.
  • Somethings need to be considered like, can the baby lift her head already, preparedness in the water like the baby should be liking the water and not scared of it.
  • Parents always accompany their babies during swimming sessions for babies - that is why it is called parent - baby swimming class
  • There are parent - baby swimming class which are available at local YMCA here in the US and you can ask other parents, friends and relatives if which class is better for you as suggested by your healthcare provider.


NOTE : Generally, in terms of the proper time when to start swimming lessons for babies, the parents should ask the advice of their healthcare provider for options and proper age when to start swimming lessons.

Swimming Lesson Video for Babies

Benefits of Swimming Lessons for Babies

  1. Swimming lessons is real fun/enjoyable
  2. Babies and parent bond together during swimming lessons
  3. Swimming lessons for babies are good because the children will develop will develop the liking for swimming at the very young age and it is a good hobby, making use of their time in a positive way
  4. It is a good exercise, overall exercise of the body, feet, legs, arms and the whole body movements
  5. Since babies are used to like rocking rhythm in the womb of the mother, they will surely love to stay in water
  6. It is good for hand body coordination, agility, maintaining balance and they do better in "grasping things". According to two researchers professors form Lancaster University children who had swimming lessons when they are still a baby is better in balancing exercise in general and they have better ability in reaching for things.

Swimming Lessons for Babies -- Informations on Baby Swimming

Reusable Adjustable Swim Diaper

Why Use Reusable Swim Diaper?

The use of reusable swim diaper is also suggested because you buy only one time and you can use it again. The reusable swim diaper was recommended by a friend to me, I use to buy the commercial ones which are disposable swim diapers. The thing with reusable swim diaper is that you can buy another one again as they grow older and their sizes change. It is economical and easy to use. This reusable swim diaper can also be adjusted. It is also best even if you are not in swimming lessons but just simply swimming with the family.

Swimming Lessons for Babies in Different Ages

Swimming Lessons for Babies : Precautions

When babies are in swimming lesson class with the parent, It is deemed important that you should never leave your baby even when they are resting and in floaters. Pay attention always and be alert. According to American Academy of Pediatrics as stated by BabyCenter, a parent should always be closed to the baby (within armslength) during the baby swimming lesson sessions.

Swimming Lessons Videos for Babies

Swimming Lessons Videos for Babies


There are lots of benefits that babies can derive from swimming. Researchers found out that it is good for balancing, grasping of things and overall health because it is good for lungs and for exercise. When babies learn swimming at an early age they will develop liking for it and it will become a hobby for them -- a healthy hobby. Babies can also learn to swim at a very young age. Many baby swimming lesson school accept babies as young as two months old, some even accept newborn -- the reason for the newborn being that they are used to the womb of their mother and they will like the water for sure. There are swimming lessons for babies available everywhere and all you need to do is ask your health care providers suggestion on what is the best options for your baby.

For babies who are into swimming, It is suggested to use reusable swim diaper as it is convenient and easy on the budget. You don't need to buy this reusable swim diapers every time you go to your swimming lessons, and some are adjustable, so it is good.

There are also some swimming lesson for babies in videos, but of course the actual swimming lessons for your baby  is the best. When your child reaches a certain age usually three years old and once they can understand instructions, they can enroll in more advance swimming lessons under the supervision of teachers. There is less required supervision form the parents at this stage.


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